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Are you on a creative path?

It’s an exciting passage filled with adventure and discovery, yet it can also feel frustrating and rife with uncertainty. It’s a vulnerable place; you can feel lost trying to navigate the many twists and turns, and the inevitable roadblocks that occasionally loom before you along the way.

It can also feel like a lonely road–but it doesn’t have to be!

I’m glad you’ve found your way here, weary traveler, because I’m here to help you discover and expand your creative potential with inspiring ideas and the magic of the tarot!

Let's Navigate your journey

"You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to." ~ JRR Tolkien

Each and every one of us is on an unexpected journey. When it comes to my own of the creative variety, I’ve never really been that interested in keeping my feet.

I tend to take many detours; here dipping my toe into a nearby stream of consciousness, stopping there pick up some nugget of wisdom that I want to share…and always, always pausing to check out some new wonder and get in some play-time. (and of course a snack and a pee.)

I believe if we ignore the call of the wild that beckons us to follow its unknown roads, we risk missing our soul’s destination.

When you feel called to put your creative thoughts out into the world, you have the need to truly connect to the ideas and words that you put on the page. Most of the time, that comes fairly easily.

But sometimes, despite your incredible talent and good intentions, you go through periods when you are literally at a loss for words, and weary of the same old exercises and tools that don’t inspire you as they used to.

I’m here to assist your unique path by combining my skills as a certified life coach, a published author, and a tarot guide for writers.

More Than Meets the Third Eye

The tarot for writing?!

Most people view tarot readings as something they explore for fun at a party or Renaissance Faire. Many of us know it as a guide that motivates us to wield our own brand of personal magic.

Consulting the tarot is a wonderful way to explore your version of spirituality, get a glimpse into your relationships, and help guide you down whatever road you are currently traveling.

The nerd in me loves how tarot offers age-old philosophy that tells the story of the human condition, giving us guidance as we make our way through our own (unexpected!) hero’s journey!

Looking at the tarot from this lens, I work with the cards as a creative tool to help writers connect deeply with their vision and get inspired in a whole new magical way. Plus, it’s a helluva lot of fun.

So how can it work for you?

Tarot for Writers:

Got Character?

The court cards of the tarot help you narrow in on who your characters really are. Imagine being able to actually ask them what they’re thinking or what they want to do next?

The Plot Thickens

Pulling tarot cards when you need some ideas around how to move your story forward is really inspiring and eye-opening.

The Mechanics

Whether you’re feeling stuck at a place in your story or you need writing motivation overall, the tarot can get you out of some sticky situations.

  • It all starts with you– The 5th Element Writer’s Reading helps to get you in the right mindset to do your best work.
  • With my Royal Character Design method you can deeply connect with your character’s archetype, keeping them relatable and consistent! (complete with workbook! Huzzah!)
  • Interview your characters with my list of proprietary questions, or ask your own!
  • Let the tarot play with your plot points to help visualize where the story is going!
  • Get insight into your character’s relationships whether it be love, friendship, or a business partnership!
  • Check in with your characters and your story line for some next steps!
  • Let the tarot help ignite some ideas as you draft an outline for a new story or creative project!l

Live the Magic!

I want to inspire you to get out there and live your magical passions. Aside from tarot readings, I also do this with:

  • Published works! The Badass Planner helped you make each day count, and soon you’ll be inspired to embrace a more intentional life by looking back at one of our favorite TV/book families with my kitschy-yet helpful book, Little House Life Hacks!
  • Blog posts! As the self-professed Queen of Creative Wanderlust, I’ve gotten pretty good at coming up with some handy-dandy tools, ideas, and discoveries that help me take care of business. I may not want to share my food, but I’ll share these.
  • A newsletter! Here’s where I share what I’m up to; what I’m working on, and where I may be presenting, teaching, or book-signing. I also share tarot cards I’m feeling and dig into the many facets of them, and provide you with writing prompts so that you can explore your own feels!


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Royal Character Design

Let the court cards of the tarot add some practical magic to your character development!

The 5th Element Writer's Reading

Before you start writing, combine the power of the elements with your personal magic to do your best work!

Character Interview Reading

Why guess who your character is, when you can actually ask them with my Character Interview Series?

Plot Point Reading

Intention + Magic = some serious Plot Point action with this detailed reading! Come get it.

Your Personal Story Guide

Your very own personal story guide isn’t just a fairy tale ~ I’ve got you babe. Let’s chat.

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