What Kind of Badass Are You?


Are swear words a part of your daily vocab?

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A hottie smiles at your from across the crowded room. You:

Everyday Feminism

You have the chance to go for a coveted promotion at work that you know others are hoping for. What do you do?

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Your friend asks you to go camping with them; you don’t camp, you glamp. What do you do?


You find yourself drawn to this sexy-ass dress that isn’t normally in your wheelhouse. You:

LTD Commodities

Your sister wants your opinion on her new boo; you’re not impressed. You:


Karaoke Night! Everyone is chanting your name and you:


A Hottie wants to take you to a slasher film on your first date. You:

bloody disgusting

Your mother gives you yet another backhanded jab about a recent decision you’ve made. You:

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What Kind of Badass Are You?
Badass In Training

You are so ready to start standing up for yourself and claiming your Badass life! Speaking up hasn’t always worked so well for you in the past, and it’s tough to get past the old stories you’ve been told about yourself. You’ve got what you need to be strong, now it’s about gaining more confidence.
Woo Woo Badass

You are a soulful thinker, and you feel strongest when you have the power of the universe backing you up. You don’t do anything halfway, everything you say and do must have deep meaning. Because you think of things so deeply, it can take you extra time to figure out and declare what you want.
Touchy Feely Badass

You embrace Badassery, but you need to do so in your own loving way. Badassery for you is loving fiercely and making sure people know that you love them. Because you are so caring and expressive with others, some people can mistake this for being ‘soft’ and don’t always take you seriously.
Reserved Badass

You prefer to show your strength by meaningful actions verses words. People that are overly and confident can put you off, until you verify that they are authentic. Sometimes people misinterpret your reserved manner as being uncaring or ‘bitchy’, which can lead you to retreat into your own world even more.
Balls to the Wall Badass

You love nothing more than to loudly express yourself and where you stand. Your confidence is high, and you don’t often think before you speak your mind! You have the best of intentions but can come off to others as being overpowering at times. You are ready to rock and roll, nothing is going to stop you!

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