Write Like Your Favorite Song

One of my all-time favorite things to do is to walk and listen to music. And when walking involves a water view?? I’m extremely lucky to have one of Minneapolis’ ten thousand lakes merely two blocks away from my house, so I get out there as often as I can. I’ve already mentioned how inspiring […]

(Don’t) Shut Up, Already!

Well, look at me. Summer’s already got her me in her fiery claws, enticing me to blow off writing blog posts and play. In fact on Summer Solstice–the longest day of the summer and the official herald of the season–I posted a warning about that very thing as I had pulled the Justice tarot card […]

How to Write When You’re Not Writing

Believe you me, I do the same thing you do. In fact, I’m doing it right now. (OK, not right now, as obviously at this very moment I’m typing this blog post…) I’m all ready to start up my day and…I sit here in front of my computer and sigh. For me, it’s not because […]

Ignoring Your Inner Whiny Child

Writer, you’re a busy-ass person. And because of this, you’ve got it in your head that writing that book or digging into that creative project isn’t very important right now. No? You’re not thinking this? So…why aren’t you writing? (if you are prolifically pounding away at the computer keys or you can’t keep up with […]

Resurrect Creativity in a Cemetery

How do you feel about cemeteries? When I was young, they scared the bejesus out of me; given the choice, you wouldn’t have caught me DEAD in one. (heh). Now, they are one of my favorite places to hang out. Yes, I know, I am one that enjoys the spooky and the macabre, so I’m […]

To the Professor

Maybe it’s the gloomy, rainy weather here in Minneapolis…maybe it’s that I have a quiet morning minute to reflect…but I’m feeling a bit melancholy today, thinking about the death-day anniversary of J.R.R. Tolkien, which was yesterday, September the 2nd. The man who created a mythology that seems more like history, who breathed life into his […]