How to Write When You’re Not Writing

Believe you me, I do the same thing you do. In fact, I’m doing it right now. (OK, not right now, as obviously at this very moment I’m typing this blog post…) I’m all ready to start up my day and…I sit here in front of my computer and sigh. For me, it’s not because […]

Ignoring Your Inner Whiny Child

Writer, you’re a busy-ass person. And because of this, you’ve got it in your head that writing that book or digging into that creative project isn’t very important right now. No? You’re not thinking this? So…why aren’t you writing? (if you are prolifically pounding away at the computer keys or you can’t keep up with […]

I am LIVING with Eli Roth.

What are you guys watching right now? It’s probably no surprise to you that when all of my friends are watching The Queen’s Gambit, I’ve been binging Eli Roth’s History of Horror. I highly recommend! If you are fans of horror you will LOVE it, as each episode he focuses on different aspects of horror […]