Nope Rhymes with Cope.

My friend recently posted on her Facebook feed how she is starting to hit the wall with this whole pandemic thing. I know for a fact that she is not alone as the vaccines are taking longer to roll out, and therefore the predictions of when we can get back to what is anything close […]

2020: Middle Fingers Akimbo

It’s mid-December already! I’m pretty sure you are feeling like I am, and more than ready to bid a “Yipee Ki Yay, Mother Fucker!” to 2020 as you go out, giving it the one-finger salute. (oh hell, make it two…one finger on each hand. It’s definitely deserved the double digits.) But before we go out […]

Keep Banging Your Gardooka.

Well. I almost completely forgot to write this blog post for you, dear readers, because my week has been taken over by the fact that my dear hubby got the dreaded ‘Rona. Now I could write this entire post about how angry I am with him for putting himself in the position he did where […]

Happy Not Thanksgiving!

Happy Not Thanksgiving! Man, what a year. OF COURSE this holiday is going to feel like a non-thing, just chock it up to ol’ 2020. (I think the woman above is just wishing it would all go away.) Honestly, I’m not so keen on Thanksgiving, anyway. These days I’m much more aligned with Native American […]

I Got Your Hope Right Here.

Hey friends, how is everyone doing out there? Nothing like a little UNKNOWN to make your life feel completely unbalanced. But honestly, why would this election be any different than the rest of 2020? This pandemic, no matter how much so many people seem to be pretending it doesn’t exist anymore, (don’t get me started) […]