How to Write When You’re Not Writing

Believe you me, I do the same thing you do. In fact, I’m doing it right now. (OK, not right now, as obviously at this very moment I’m typing this blog post…) I’m all ready to start up my day and…I sit here in front of my computer and sigh. For me, it’s not because […]

How To Be a Good Leader, Like Aragorn

Even if I hadn’t first seen the handsome face of actor Viggo Mortenson as Strider in the film version of The Fellowship of the Ring, I would have fallen in love with him immediately in the book as well. We learn from the beginning that he is an unsung hero–working tirelessly behind the scenes to […]

I’m Totally Over Self-Development.

Does this surprise you? I imagine it does, coming from someone who is a certified life coach and is constantly getting up in your business about how you can improve your life. Listen, I will always be all about positive change and growth; learning more about the world and about yourself so that you create […]

Announcing My New Podcast!!

I Heart LOTR… …where I take you to Middle Earth and back again and bring you way more than a lousy tshirt. Have I mentioned lately that I’m a huge fan-girl of The Lord of the Rings trilogy?? Well, the road of love for this incredible story has indeed gone ever on and on for […]

Best Life?? How About Survival.

OK Folx, the shizzle’s about to get real. You’ve seen my business do many twists and turns over the years. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been a certified life coach, (still am, but I now only do one-on-ones on occasion or through my tarot consulting) jewelry maker, writer, (always) podcaster, (was and now will soon […]

What’s In Your Pocket?

So this may sound kind of weird, but I’m staring to believe more and more that everyone should have a tarot card (or even better, a full deck) in their back pocket. Ok, maybe not literally…but I have to say as I incorporate these powerful little rectangles more and more into my own life as […]