Making Your Big Magic

Well of course this is a little more difficult in a pandemic, but I think in general we all feel a little closer to ‘magic’ at holiday time. Not the Santa-can-somehow-fit-down-the-chimney-without-burning-his-ass kind of magic, although there is definitely that, but everyday magic that still manages to sprinkle its way into our bah humbug hearts. The […]

Keep Banging Your Gardooka.

Well. I almost completely forgot to write this blog post for you, dear readers, because my week has been taken over by the fact that my dear hubby got the dreaded ‘Rona. Now I could write this entire post about how angry I am with him for putting himself in the position he did where […]

Happy Not Thanksgiving!

Happy Not Thanksgiving! Man, what a year. OF COURSE this holiday is going to feel like a non-thing, just chock it up to ol’ 2020. (I think the woman above is just wishing it would all go away.) Honestly, I’m not so keen on Thanksgiving, anyway. These days I’m much more aligned with Native American […]