Rockin’ Your Bra

Is that a crystal in your bra or are you happy to see me? My husband gets such a kick out of social media mentions of women putting crystals in their bra. This isn’t something I practice–personally I think it would drive me crazy, and one would definitely need to be mindful of using polished […]

Experience it. In Your Own Damn Way.

I had the weirdest thing happen on Tuesday…. I was working away on my computer and out of the clear blue sky, around 2:30 or so, I suddenly felt the need to go up to my altar and hold some space for George Floyd, his family, and everyone involved in the trial, to receive and […]

I’ve Totally Rolled My Own. Eyes, That Is.

To celebrate the year mark that we purchased the glorious house we now call home, in our most coveted neighborhood we wanted to be in, I thought I’d share the crazy-ass magic that I truly believed helped that dream become a reality. First off, if you read the word ‘manifest’, hear me talk about crystals […]