Royal Character design

Taking character development beyond your noble efforts.


What if you could elevate your character development in a compelling, inspiring, and visionary way?

I help writers go from mere character development to creating living and breathing personalities that will take their story to a whole new level.

With Royal Character Design, there’s no need to worry whether your characters are staying aligned with their prescribed personalities. You will have all the tools you need to keep them consistent and relatable throughout your entire story.

Tell me if this sounds like you, fellow writer:


  • …can’t seem to get your character beyond what feels like a very two-dimensional being.

  • …struggle with keeping your character’s behavior and reactions aligned with their personality throughout the different points in your story.

  • …find that developing your characters is sooooo boring…zzzz…you WISH there was a fun and engaging way to work through it.

  • …think to yourself, “If only I could actually ASK my character what they are thinking, or what they would like to do?”

  • … are positively STUCK because you feel like something about the characters in your story just doesn’t work.

What if...

  • …your character felt so real that the writing of their dialog and actions just flowed effortlessly out of your mind and onto the page?

  • …you felt confident that each character was staying consistent with their specific traits throughout everything they said and did?

  • …you thought that character development was so enjoyable and exciting that you couldn’t wait to flesh out every being in your story?

  • …you felt like your character was whispering in your ear, giving you guidance throughout their entire story arc?

  • …you could break through that writer’s block by diving into your characters and getting clear and motivated to start writing again?

This is why I created the Royal Character Design method!

I want to teach you these tools so that you can:

  • Develop characters that feel like real people.
  • Stay consistent with them throughout your chapters, and therefore make your entire story more relevant and exceptional.
  • Feel like your character is practically writing the story for you.
  • Get motivated to keep creating.
  • Make writing fun again!

Are you as excited about this as I am? Hooray!

The Royal Character Design mini-course is a step-by-step video presentation that teaches how the tarot Court Cards can help you get crystal clear about who your character is, and how you can keep them consistent throughout your entire story.

Not only will you be able to follow along at your own pace, but you’ll have a printable, call-to-action workbook available to help you sort it all out and reference it at any time.

You’ll be applying these tools and tricks to your characters and story immediately!!

With this presentation you will learn:

  • Why this method works
  • Quick and easy Tarot 101 basics
  • Tarot Court Card personalities
  • How to apply the cards to each of your characters
  • What to do if and when your character evolves
  • How to use the workbook provided with step-by-step tutorials

Right now, you’re struggling to stay motivated...

…missing that spark that made you feel inspired and in your writing flow.

…frustrated because you can’t feel a connection with your characters.

…feeling like something is missing with a character’s personality profile.

…wishing you had a reference to keep you on track throughout your story.

Imagine if you could make all of that a distant memory; if you never had to feel disconnected from a character again. If you could feel confident and inspired, and ready to take your character work—and therefore your story–to a whole new level.

Hi, I’m Susie Shubert of Your Unexpected Journey!

I’ve been a certified life coach for over 14 years. My expertise at helping people manifest their Badassery is at the core of everything I do as a published author, podcaster, content creator, and tarot advisor.

My Badass Planner was in publication through Pomegranate Communications. With the monthly essays, call-to-action reflections, and my Kick It, Divvy It, and Rock It method, my goal was to get people intentional with their tasks so that they could “rock out their daily lives and make each day count”.

As a self-proclaimed Lord of the Rings Luminary, I’m passionate about shedding light on the timeless wisdom and life lessons to be learned from J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary trilogy masterpiece. I share this inspiration through my podcast, I Heart LOTR, and as an active member of the audio app Clubhouse.


The world of the tarot found me after a casual “sure, why not?” reading I was offered, and much to my surprise it awakened the ‘woo woo’ in me that my pragmatic mind never even knew existed! As a professional tarot reader and advisor, I’ve come to realize what I love most about this practice is that the tarot is an incredible self-development tool.

The idea of combining tarot and character/story development came to me in the form of a client in one of my Clubhouse rooms. Instead of requesting a card pulled for her, she wanted one for the character of the story she was writing.

I realized immediately that my love of archetypal and character study in The Lord of the Rings and my approach to the tarot is a wonderfully unique and magical combination that lends itself perfectly to an application that can be used to help other writers with their creative process.

As a writer myself, I understand that elated feeling you get when you feel connected to your creative magic; when you are really in the zone and the ideas just flow onto the page.

I also know the frustration of feeling unmotivated and uninspired, tired of the same old tricks and tools that don’t seem as effective anymore.

As artistic people, we need to be stimulated by something creative. I created my Royal Character Design method for you to explore and discover the people of your story in an exciting and compelling way, connecting you with both your characters and your inner muse to write your best work ever! 

What do you get with the Royal Character Design method?

Tarot 101 
A quick down and dirty overview of what the tarot is…and what it isn’t.

The Royal Household
A fun tutorial of keywords and personality traits of the Tarot Court Cards, and how to relate them to your characters.

Court Card Questionnaire
A place to compile traits, and write down important information to reference throughout your story.

Beyond the Page
A look into other helpful methods to connect with your characters.

Order in the Court!
A bonus worksheet to help you identify and rework the character’s personality type when it may be changing.

Printable Workbook
Reference and call-to-action worksheets that are available to you for your current story and beyond!

The A's to your Q's

This presentation/mini workshop is valued at over $500.00, and working with me one-on-one starts at $125.00 an hour.

“So….”(you’re asking)… “Why all this for only $27.00??”

My goal is to help fellow writers here and now– (write now??)—and to make it accessible and affordable. I don’t want you to struggle for one more minute feeling frustrated and unmotivated.

“Do I need a deck of tarot cards to do this method?”

Nope! You don’t need anything but your computer, tablet, or phone to watch the presentation, and a printer to print up the worksheets if you choose!

“I don’t know anything about tarot cards…do I need to, in order understand this process?”

Nope, not at all. The ins and outs of reading the tarot can be pretty detailed and require a lot of knowledge, for sure, but I will give you just enough easy-to-understand information about the group of cards we are using for this method.

“TBH…the tarot kind of freaks me out!”

I hear that a lot! Many people are nervous when they come to me for a reading, or they’ve gotten the idea from scary movies or books that the tarot is something evil. I promise you, it’s not! I like to think of a deck of tarot cards like pages out of an ancient book that reflects the timeless things that we go through in our day-to-day lives. Some of the images may seem scary, but honestly, none of the cards are meant to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. In the simplest terms, the Death card is more about putting something to sleep so something else can arise, and The Devil is typically about reflecting on possible bad habits.

“Do I need to be at a certain point in my story-writing to do this method?”

The wonderful thing about my Royal Character Design method is that you can use it no matter where you are in the process of your story, even if you haven’t started writing it yet! This is a great way to form a brand new character, to make sure that you are staying aligned with whom you’ve envisioned them to be, or even to help you get reconnected and motivated if you’re feeling a bit stuck overall.

“How do I know which character to use for this method?”

You can certainly start with your protagonist, but you don’t have to. More than likely you will apply it to your main characters, but this method is helpful for each and every one of the beings in your story.

“What if my character isn’t human?”

Cool! If your character has a personality, the Royal Character Design method will be helpful!

“I write non-fiction. Can I use this method?”

If you have people in your story, this method will be helpful, as it helps you dig into what makes a person tick and why they do the things that they do.

What kind of Writer is it for?

Royal Character Design is for you at any stage of your writing project, if you write professionally or ‘just’ for fun!

The “It’s Only An Idea Right Now” Writer: If you are just now coming up with a possible idea of a story, it can help you decide exactly who you want your characters to be, and help you be consistent right from the get-go!

The “I’ve Already Started Writing My Story” Writer: If you just started writing your story and already have an idea of your characters, this is a great way to get to know them on a deeper level and ensure their authenticity.

The “I Have My Characters, But I Don’t Feel Very Connected to Them” Writer: If you have a sneaking suspicion that something feels ‘off’ about any or all of your characters, this will help you get back on track.

The “My Characters Kick Ass, and This Would Be a Great Way to Get To Know More About Them!” Writer: If you feel great about your character development, but you would like to know more about them to really kick things up a notch!

The “Ug, I Haven’t Touched My Story Forever Because I Just Don’t Know Where To Go” Writer: If you are experiencing a ‘block’ with your creative motivation overall, this method could be just what you need to spark that excitement back up again!

It’s so easy to start!

Just click on my offer to purchase and check your inbox! You will receive an email that contains a link and a password that will take you right to the platform where you can get started immediately. You will have instant, lifetime access, and if you have any questions, I’m only an email away!

Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

I’m excited to share Royal Character Design with you. Huzzah!

Imagine the feeling of sitting down to write, and the words are just flowing. Everything in the story is just falling into place because you know exactly what each character is feeling, thinking, and wanting to do. Knowing that if you get stumped, you have these tools to go back to that will help you reconnect and realign with your characters, therefore reconnecting and realigning with your story.

The beings in your story are what drives your story. A well thought out, relatable character gets your reader emotionally involved and invested, and that’s what sells your work.

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Terms and Conditions:

After your purchase, you will receive confirmation from Paypal and whatever notification that is set up for your offering and/or service. If this includes one-on-one time, I will be contacting you for scheduling. After a service, I will be reaching out for any questions or clarifications that you may have or need. I consider myself to be very intuitive, but I will not be telling your future or reading your mind. That is more of what a psychic does–which I am not. Unless special circumstances have been agreed upon between you and I, I do not offer refunds. What we share during readings will be strictly confidential, unless you agree otherwise.
Know that my guidance is just that; guidance. I encourage you to always seek your own truth and act accordingly. I can not guarantee that something revealed or presented to you can or will not change with your actions, nor can I be held responsible or liable for anything that may or may not happen because of that. If you are working with me you are agreeing to that statement. My role as your Tarot reader and advisor is to offer you support and challenge you to be your best; however, neither of these are psychotherapy. If at any point I feel therapy may be a better fit for you, I will suggest it.
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