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Greeting and Huzzah, Fellow Writer!

In my humble opinion, character development is the most important component of a good story. Yes, plot is also extremely important– but I know for me, if I don’t relate or feel connected to the people or beings in a book or film, the overall story falls flat. Good characters drive the plot.

What if you could elevate your character development in a compelling, inspiring, and visionary way?

With Royal Character DesignI can help you go from mere character development to creating living and breathing personalities that will take your story to a whole new level.

A Magical Combo

The idea of combining tarot and character/story development came to me in the form of a client in one of my Clubhouse rooms. Instead of requesting a card pulled for her, she wanted one for the character of the story she was writing.

I realized immediately that my love of archetypal and character study in The Lord of the Rings and my approach to the tarot is a wonderfully unique and magical combination that lends itself perfectly to an application that can be used to help other writers with their creative process.

Here’s what you’ll do with Royal Character Design:

  • Develop characters that feel like real people.
  • Stay consistent with them throughout your chapters, and therefore make your entire story more relevant and exceptional.
  • Feel like your character is practically writing the story for you.
  • Get motivated to keep creating.
  • Make writing fun again!

Tell me if this sounds like you, fellow writer:


  • …can’t seem to get your character beyond what feels like a very two-dimensional being.

  • …struggle with keeping your character’s behavior and reactions aligned with their personality throughout the different points in your story.

  • …find that developing your characters is sooooo boring…zzzz…you WISH there was a fun and engaging way to work through it.

  • …think to yourself, “If only I could actually ASK my character what they are thinking, or what they would like to do?”

  • … are positively STUCK because you feel like something about the characters in your story just doesn’t work.

What If?

  • …your character felt so real that the writing of their dialog and actions just flowed effortlessly out of your mind and onto the page?

  • …you felt confident that each character was staying consistent with their specific traits throughout everything they said and did?

  • …you thought that character development was so enjoyable and exciting that you couldn’t wait to flesh out every being in your story?

  • …you felt like your character was whispering in your ear, giving you guidance throughout their entire story arc?

  • …you could break through that writer’s block by diving into your characters and getting clear and motivated to start writing again?

So, how does it work?

Whether you have a specific character or just an idea of one, by the end of our session you will have assigned a tarot archetype to them, learn all about what that means, and how to apply that knowledge throughout your story.

You will also be armed with a downloadable workbook filled with reference material and questionnaires that will help guide you and keep your character consistent through your current story and beyond!

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Your magic, write now.