Plot Point Reading

As the Plot Thickens

As a writer, you know that plot points are the events in your story where things are movin’ and shakin’. Things are changing, big decisions are being made, true colors are shining through, Cyndi Lauper.

Can you even imagine how kick-ass it would be to hit one of those points and be able to get some solid insight as to what direction to take the plot?

With the tarot and I, you can!  With all of the different ideas out there, a person could go crazy trying to wrangle just how many points there truly are, and what they are called. Listed below are the events that my reading is around, with a fun explanation of each point The Fellowship of the Ring style. (if you’re here you probably know damn well what all of these are, but hey, any chance I can talk about LOTR, I will.)

Susie's (self-indulgent) Plot Points of The Fellowship of the Ring

  • The Ordinary World – not only a great song by Duran Duran, but Frodo’s idyllic, problem-free village of The Shire.
  • The Inciting Incident – also called the Catalyst, we can think of our lovely Gandalf, “the disturber of the peace”, and that confounded ring as the troublemakers.
  • The Mid-Point – Oh no! Saruman’s turned bad and who is this Ranger guy?
  • The Dark Night of the Soul – Oh no! Gandalf is stuck on the roof and the Ring is showing its butt!
  • The Climax – Oh no. Gandalf falls and so does Boromir.
  • The Resolution – Frodo goes it (not) alone, and the Fellowship carries on.
not ordinary world

Let the tarot help plot your points

What's the Point(s)?

That’s what you get to decide.

To give you a general guideline you could follow, we can do a six card reading; one for each of these points mentioned above.

For something more detailed, we can dive into a more complex 18 card reading; answers three specific questions that I’ve devised around each point.

Got your own plot points, or specific questions for them? That’s cool, too. This can be a more organic, author-led process if you prefer.

Before or During the Points

We can come at any of these readings in two different ways; you can check in with the tarot around these points in the beginning process of forming your story, or we can do the readings at each individual point as you reach them during your story writing process.

However you envision it, however you like to work…I’m here for you. 

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