It’s Go-Time with The Chariot

I love The Chariot card of the tarot. This card represents a suggestion that I don’t embody very often, and it’s more then likely a side of me that others don’t typically see. Which is probably why I like it. In fact, it may even be my favorite Major Arcana card. The Chariot tells us […]

Those Damn Fives Again

I’m just gonna put it out there–dealing with the five cards of the tarot can totally suck. Each minor arcana suit–the Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles cards–are numbered from one to ten. Where’s the five? Stuck in the middle with you. What what is ‘you’? Any kind of sticky situation you just happen to be […]

Re-move Your Self with The Hermit

I can relate to The Hermit on so many levels right now. It’s funny, because for years I would have thought the mere idea of him was quite foreign. Removing yourself. Being alone. Getting quiet. (ha.) But seriously folx, more often than not, I’m finding my Queen of Wands energy as more of a smolder […]

I’ll Be With You Soon…I’m Snacking with Sir Pentacles.

You know, I just love the Knight of Pentacles. There *he is, sitting on his horse in the sun–calm, cool (or pleasantly warm?) and collected. Getting a lay of the land in a well-tilled field, able to see far ahead into the distance. I picture him feeling very confident, ready for whatever may be coming […]

Let The Wheel Spin – You’ve Got your Wand.

I know, I know. Things are coming at you. Let them. I know you’re on shaky ground, things may be feeling a bit like an uphill battle right now, but–hold your ground. You got this, I promise. This is what the Seven of Wands tarot card is telling us, and I can’t help but feel […]

Embracing the Mystery with The Moon

What do you think about when you see the moon? No matter what phase it’s going through, I get such a feeling of awe and reverence. It’s like somehow, it’s trying to tell me a secret. Even though the moon is a planet, I’d say it’s arguably the biggest star of the solar system. Well, […]

Toot Your Cavalry Horn with the Knight of Wands!

When I see this guy–and really the Knight of Swords, as well–I hear the Cavalry Charge, along with someone yelling it. (yelling “Charge!”, that is, not the song itself. That would actually be funny.) The Knights of the tarot are all about charging forward in some way, shape, or form, and as the Wands represent […]

Rockin’ that Crown as the Queen of Wands

In thinking about it, I owe the Queen of Wands a lot. Back when I just started dipping my toe into the tarot, I found the Court Cards to be the toughest to sort. This is actually quite common for many readers when they are first starting out. Even though every single card can have […]

The Page of Wands and Your Call of the Wild

You know that feeling when something is calling to you? When you just get that itchy-twitchy feeling to go, to do, to explore something new, a feeling so strong that you can barely sit still? It’s the best feeling, isn’t it? That’s the energy of the Page of the tarot court. The Pages on the […]

The Four of Swords – Unplug and Connect.

Ahhhh, the Four of Swords. Whenever I turn this card over I can feel my shoulders relax. “Rest, my darling,” it says. Rest, relax, take a breather. As as much as this card is about taking a load off overall, being the swords (which are all about thoughts and communication, as well as action) this […]