Toot Your Cavalry Horn with the Knight of Wands!

When I see this guy–and really the Knight of Swords, as well–I hear the Cavalry Charge, along with someone yelling it. (yelling “Charge!”, that is, not the song itself. That would actually be funny.) The Knights of the tarot are all about charging forward in some way, shape, or form, and as the Wands represent […]

Rockin’ that Crown as the Queen of Wands

In thinking about it, I owe the Queen of Wands a lot. Back when I just started dipping my toe into the tarot, I found the Court Cards to be the toughest to sort. This is actually quite common for many readers when they are first starting out. Even though every single card can have […]

The Page of Wands and Your Call of the Wild

You know that feeling when something is calling to you? When you just get that itchy-twitchy feeling to go, to do, to explore something new, a feeling so strong that you can barely sit still? It’s the best feeling, isn’t it? That’s the energy of the Page of the tarot court. The Pages on the […]

The Four of Swords – Unplug and Connect.

Ahhhh, the Four of Swords. Whenever I turn this card over I can feel my shoulders relax. “Rest, my darling,” it says. Rest, relax, take a breather. As as much as this card is about taking a load off overall, being the swords (which are all about thoughts and communication, as well as action) this […]

The Luxury of Giving

Yeah, yeah yeah. We all get those heartfelt messages shoved down our throat about giving this time of year, and of course it’s a good message. Now who else is gonna raise their hand with me and fully out themselves that they also LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive?? Hell yeah, I’m not going to pretend […]

Let’s Take a Pregnant Pause with the Empress.

I am the first to admit, I’m the luckiest person ever to be getting ready to settle into my Mama mode as we make our way into the holidays. My kiddos will be home, and the festivities will begin; too much eating and drinking, playing holiday music, forcing them to play board games with me, […]

Gettin’ Judgy With It (with the help of the Nine of Wands)

As my life gets busy with many things swirling around me, I thought it might be good to talk about discernment. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a shite-ton of cool stuff right now; lots of incredible creative projects and opportunities abound, but it can be a bit overwhelming! It’s a great problem […]

Best Life?? How About Survival.

OK Folx, the shizzle’s about to get real. You’ve seen my business do many twists and turns over the years. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been a certified life coach, (still am, but I now only do one-on-ones on occasion or through my tarot consulting) jewelry maker, writer, (always) podcaster, (was and now will soon […]

A Badass August

Hey friends! Happy August! It’s crazy to me that we are already in the last official month of summer–it goes WAY too fast! I always think of August as the time to take inventory of your life and make sure you have taken advantage of this glorious season to get outside and take some downtime […]

Manifesting: The Good and the Ugly (but still good.)

I gotta tell you, the manifesting energy around here has been FIRE lately. Husband: “I would really like to get a rain barrel.” Days later, goes for a walk, finds one in the alley that someone is throwing away. “We should get a water feature for the deck.” Soon after, finds one in the alley […]