Best Life?? How About Survival.

OK Folx, the shizzle’s about to get real. You’ve seen my business do many twists and turns over the years. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been a certified life coach, (still am, but I now only do one-on-ones on occasion or through my tarot consulting) jewelry maker, writer, (always) podcaster, (was and now will soon […]

A Badass August

Hey friends! Happy August! It’s crazy to me that we are already in the last official month of summer–it goes WAY too fast! I always think of August as the time to take inventory of your life and make sure you have taken advantage of this glorious season to get outside and take some downtime […]

How Do I Love Lord of the Rings?

Let me count the ways for you. If you’ve spent any time around me at all–either in person or virtually–you probably have a pretty good idea that The Lord of the Rings is my love language. (my friend Halicue uses that term to describe her tarot work, and I love that!) The books AND the […]

Stalk. Water. Bloom.

So this post is a bit of a repeat of two different things I’ve talked about recently; my new partnership with my new friend Halicue, and answering the Call of the Wild in a big way. First off, I can’t say this enough: If you see someone you want to connect with, GET STALKING.* *Now. […]

13 Reasons Why Tarot

I realize I’m probably the only person my age that watched and enjoyed the teen show on Netflix that graced us with four seasons of its angsty and controversial self. I’m sure I’m being inappropriate by naming this blog with a spin on its title, as the show’s topic is all around the not-so cheery […]

Rockin’ Your Bra

Is that a crystal in your bra or are you happy to see me? My husband gets such a kick out of social media mentions of women putting crystals in their bra. This isn’t something I practice–personally I think it would drive me crazy, and one would definitely need to be mindful of using polished […]

My Defining Moment – Saying ‘No’ to Aqua Net

I’ve had a couple of defining moments in my life. OK, maybe more than a couple, if I’m counting meeting my soul mate and marrying him, and then popping out a couple of truly amazing human beings. But I’m talking about the inner ‘Ah-Has’  that really set my spirit and soul off in a specific […]

Scope Creep is Not a Guy with Bad Breath!

Believe it or not, up until about a month ago, I had never heard of the term ‘scope creep’ before. My overactive imagination tends to think of a monster or weird dude creepin’ its way on into your bubble. Or a co-worker with a really bad case of halitosis that’s always uncomfortably close, breathing on […]

Coming at You ‘Live’ and Refreshed!

Welcome to my brand-spankin’ new site! Instead of a written post this week, with the unveiling of my refreshed Manifest Badassery site I wanted to come at you (somewhat) live and personal! Watch below to learn why I changed things up, more about me and my journey, and what’s on the horizon! Now go […]

Kick It, Divvy It, Rock It: Your Guide to Less Overwhelm

When you’re a Badass, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. OK, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed even if you AREN’T a Badass, but since you are all here, you are all Badasses, so there it is. Maybe some of us haven’t been quite as busy with things over this past pandemic year, but even when […]