5th Element Reading

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Begin your creating process with some elemental magic!

First off, if you haven’t seen this fabulous movie, you must. It’s very well written and great fun.

So fun in fact, it inspired this tarot spread! I mean, using the four elements with YOU as the catalyst in the middle?? C’mon!

This is a stand alone reading that does not involve working with your characters or your story; just the force itself that brings life to the elements–You!

The elements are FIRE, BABY…well, I guess only one of them is.

When you think about how perfectly they correlate with who we are and how we experience life, it’s pretty amazing. After all, it’s all connected! 

The four different suits in the tarot are aligned with the four different directions, and also the four different elements of earth, fire, air, and water. Each element coincides with four different human elements; our foundation, passion, thought, and intuition.

Big Bada Boom!

IMG_3681 2

5 Elements, 7 Cards

Just like lovely Leeloo, we surround ourselves with these elements and tap into how they support at this time:
  • Earth: What is at the root of your message?
  • Air: What can help you be in your best mindset to create?
  • Fire: What can help you stay motivated?
  • Water: What do you almost know that needs to be told or expressed? 
Then we get to the heart of the matter, the 5th Element! (In this case, it's not Leeloo, it's You!)
  • What is your ‘why’ for exploring this creative venture?
  • What could be a distraction?
  • What may need to be released or uncovered with this expression?

For Writers: Whether you write fiction or non, books, screenplays, blogs, or articles, this reading will help inspire you to do your best work.

For other Creatives: Learn what’s behind and could be ahead for your venture, and get motivated to begin!

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