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Oh, August. How I love you for so many reasons; my birthday month (!), the Minnesota State Fair, (bring on the mini donuts!) and for being the last full glorious month of summer. But oh, the last glorious month of summer. Sad trombone! Alas, it is wayyy too short here in Minnesota, but…let’s all take a breath and try to enjoy the moment, and the fact that beautiful fall is around the corner!

How has your Summer of Creativity been going? Have you been trying my tips and getting some good work done amidst the also-important seasonal play? (of course for us, much of our work is play!!)

As I’m about to talk about how important it is to create your perfect writing environment, I realize that this might have been a good post to start out with…but then again, maybe you’ve been gathering up inspiring information and now you’re ready to sit down and work! Maybe you already have an allotted place to do your work…but does it feel like a place you want to spend your time creating?

I kinda think I’m the luckiest person in the world because I happen to think I have the BEST writing spot in the world.

My hubby has been kind enough to let me take over the third floor of our house–or at least a fair part of it. The dormered room conjures up castle spaces to me, and my large table–big enough to spread out books and/or tarot spreads– looks out of a window high over the neighborhood.

In this alcove, I’m surrounded by my tarot decks and lovely shelves of crystals. I have bright light above me, and a softer light (that looks like a crystal ball, I might add!) when I want that cozier aesthetic.

Picking a space

Even before thinking about how you’re going to make your space look, finding a spot that feels good to you is key. Think about how you like to work: Are you someone who needs complete quiet to write? Do you actually like hubbub and activity around you? Is a window too distracting, or do you find it inspiring? Would you rather not be at home, but write outside when the weather permits, at a coffee shop, in a co-working space?

Decorating a space

Now, each of us has our own ideas about what we want to be surrounded by, as far as decor and inspiring aesthetics.

You may be the kind of person who actually would rather not have much around you at all, to eliminate all distractions.

I happen to be a person who loves to surround myself with very specific decor, because that makes me feel…well, happy. And happy to me = inspired. Here’s a list of some ideas for you:

  • Color: It has been proven that color affects our mood. Technically, yellow and orange are said to be the colors that most inspire creativity. But hey, maybe you actually need more focus, so you’d rather see green. Blue can be calming, and if you’re on a deadline or feeling like a more relaxed mood would help your flow, that’s a great choice. Personally, I’m a firm believer of surrounding yourself with color that makes you feel good and that you like, no matter what it is.
  • Talismans: I’m the kind of gal who barely has room for her laptop because she has so many damn tschotchkes all around her–but hey, that’s my jam. At any given time you will not only see crystals in the shelves on my walls, but also chosen stones of the day on the table next to me. Crystals and stones have specific properties, and to gaze upon them can make you happy and feel creative. There are specific ones for pretty much any kind of mood or focus you’re looking for, but once again, pragmatic me kind of thinks that if you like the color and look of one, then it works for you. Do you have a favorite statue, souvenir or picture that inspires you? Maybe a piece of jewelry that was your cool creative grandma’s, or a rock from Jim Morrison’s grave site? Place that where you can see it. If it has special meaning to you and helps you feel like writing, it’s all good.
  • Smells: I’ll admit it, I’m kind of a candle whore. I love the flickering, magical light they throw off, and certain smells can put me in the mood to create. (my favorite right now is Mythologie Candles’ Tudor House Library…spendy, but worth every penny-filled sniff, IMO) Incense is great, too, or even a lovely room spray like the ones my friend Andi creates at Taluleh Ohoyo. She has great candles too, that I often use to conjure up focus, creativity, and powerful personal magic overall!!
  • Sounds: I do want silence–or at least just white noise–when I’m writing. Hearing conversation or music lyrics is too distracting. (And in my very open floor plan, I sometimes need my earbuds to drown out my husband’s meetings!) However, I often love to listen to background music to put me in the mood of whatever I’m working on. As I’m now working on a fantasy novel, there are great ambient mixes on YouTube or Spotify out there that fit the genre–and any genre you’re writing, I’m sure! You can also create your own writing playlist! I love to do this with instrumental music that puts me into my story–this is great to take ‘on the road’ as well. Playing this as you’re walking or driving really helps to dream up ideas!
  • Tools: I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I consider my tarot cards to be an incredible creative tool that helps to focus my attention on what’s important and useful at the time around my work, but also to spark creative ideas within my story around my characters and plot! Because of this, my cards are never far away. I also love to take notes about things I want to remember as I’m writing, so I have my iPad close by to do so. (obviously, you can also use a notebook, I just love using my iPad because it’s easy to organize and saves paper!) There are also writing books out there that I love, that have helpful exercises to try, or points I want to remember. If you are someone that likes using tools when you write, make sure you have enough room on your desk or table, or a place to store them within reach!

Create that space!

So there you have it, my friends. Creating a space where you have the space to create is key to getting that story out of your head and onto the page. However you envision it, it needs to be a place that you can’t wait to get to; an oasis that when you first lay eyes on it each day, you feel all sorts of positive emotions around it.

Every time I walk up my stairs and see my space, I am filled with joy. Even if all you can nab is a small corner of a small room, you can create that same feeling by making the effort to make it your own. You are telling yourself and your inner Queen of Swords that you are ready to sit down and get to business; and no matter how tough the work may be that day, you will be able to enjoy being there!

How do you like your writing space? What will you do do make it your own? Comment below or shoot me an email–I’d love to hear all about your work oasis!!

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