Toot Your Cavalry Horn with the Knight of Wands!

When I see this guy–and really the Knight of Swords, as well–I hear the Cavalry Charge, along with someone yelling it. (yelling “Charge!”, that is, not the song itself. That would actually be funny.)

The Knights of the tarot are all about charging forward in some way, shape, or form, and as the Wands represent fire, passion, and movement, this Knight is kind of the king of that. (except he’s a knight.)

And where is this knight going? Well, if we were looking at a real honest-to-goodness knight charging forward with their sword pointing out in front of them, they are probably heading into some kind of physical battle.

But this is the Knight of Wands. He could be moving toward many different things, but whatever it is, he’s passionate about it.

If you’re channeling this energy, you’re charging head-on into something that feels like a bit of an adventure.

Adventures can be exciting: like a bold new career move, following your Call of the Wild in some creative way, taking your relationship to the next level.

They can also be met with trepidation; being forced out into the workforce again, having to learn something new that feels scary, being vulnerable.

Sometimes it’s both, and of course I feel like Bilbo Baggins is the perfect example of this when he decides he simply MUST go along with the Dwarves on their journey to the Lonely Mountain at the beginning of The Hobbit.

He’s scared shitless and realizes he’s completely unprepared in so many ways, but he’s answering his true Call of the Wild, the calling of his soul–wanting to get out and explore, come what may. He’s TOTALLY taking on the energy of this Knight at that moment.

Look at Bilbo, channeling his Knight of Wands!!

Sometimes we’re called to push forth with reckless abandon. The key to doing this successfully is to focus on not just the ‘good’ parts of whatever may come your way, but also looking at the tough stuff that’s sure to surface as opportunities. KNOWING you will meet that along the way–because all good adventures hit road blocks, right?– but you certainly won’t get yourself any farther in any kind of battle without going toward them head on.

There are times where being a more thoughtful Knight of Pentacles is a better choice, to be sure, and it’s definitely helpful to get yourself prepared. The shadow side of this Knight is being reckless and taking risks that lead us down a dark and wooded path full of brambles, that we could have avoided had we done our homework.

But often our fear keeps us from doing things that we know deep down we truly want to do. We just don’t know how, or we’re unsure of how things will turn out. We certainly can head out from a place of knowing that there will be brambles, grabbing a scythe and moving along anyway. Or choosing a different path of adventure!

To be sure, there is a time and a place to take this forward plunge, and only you know that when this Knight shows up for you, if it’s the right time to heed this call.

But it is a call.

What kind of battle needs to be fought right now? How can you send in the cavalry?

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