Rockin’ that Crown as the Queen of Wands

In thinking about it, I owe the Queen of Wands a lot.

Back when I just started dipping my toe into the tarot, I found the Court Cards to be the toughest to sort. This is actually quite common for many readers when they are first starting out.

Even though every single card can have multiple layers and meanings, as you begin, the rest of the Minors and the Majors all kind of have a specific place to start. The Courts, however, can start from two different places completely; they stand for other people in or around your life, or they are an aspect of YOU. When you are first starting to decipher everything, it’s hard to know when to read them as one way or the other. So much of figuring that out has to do with a combination of where they are in the spread, the actual question, what kind of reading it is, and your gut. This can of course be said about all of the cards, but again…you can muddle through a bit with the others, but with the Courts, you are bombarded with that main choice; is it the querent, or someone else? (to add more complication, the tarot Court people most fabulously do not indicate male or female by the actual sex, but by masculine or feminine qualities.)

To make this easier, it really helps to start looking for those Court characters in your daily life. Your studious child entering college who really has more of a thirst for knowledge than beer? Page of Pentacles. Your spouse who really supports you with all that you do and is a loving father figure? Probably a King of Cups. Your boss who has a head for numbers and is always quick with a witty remark? A Queen of Swords, perhaps.

And when you read the tarot, one of the first things you do is figure out which Court Card you most identify with. It’s like discovering your personality for the first time, and it’s really fun. It didn’t take me long to realize I was most definitely the Queen of Wands.

With the keywords of upbeat, courageous, determined? Full of fire (as a Wand suit), confident, and totally out there? A social butterfly and likes to counsel others? I mean. And of course nothing has only fluffy qualities; this Queen can be a bit of a show-off, (ahem), a bully (awww!) have low self-esteem (wah wah), be selfish and demanding. (please don’t ask my husband about any of these.)

Once you start recognizing the qualities of the Courts, you start seeing them in others. I had an immediate sense that Ms. Halicue Hannah would also call herself a Queen of Wands pretty soon after we met, and sure enough…that was confirmed. Between this and our mutual love and respect for Mr. J.R.R. Tolkien, the deal was sealed that we were to be Tarot BFFs.

So this blog post was supposed to touch on our Wand Queen and instead I’m giving you a lesson on the entire Court; alas!

My point! Yes, the Queen of Wands is all of these things, which lucky for me is someone who’s pretty comfortable hamming it up in front of a crowd, putting themselves out there, making shit happen. All of this comes in handy for an entrepreneur…yay!

One of the most wonderful things about the Queen of Wands, and Halicue has definitely brought this home–this Queen focuses on herself. Not in a selfish way, (unless of course you’re dealing with the Shadow side!) but in a way that suggests that it’s time to tap into that attractive energy that brings things to you and fires you up to move yourself forward.

But what if you are in some kind of ‘out there’ position, but this doesn’t feel like you at all? What if you are more comfortable behind the scenes, more on your own or for yourself, quietly doing what needs to be done without needing all of the fanfare?

Here’s the secret: You don’t have to be a Queen of Wands to embody her spirit in your own way.

Believe me. I may be most of those outgoing qualities most of the time, but there are definitely many times I’m more of a Queen of Swords, when I’m digging into some research about something, happily holed up in my nice little third story dormer. Or I’m feeling more like a Page of Swords, hacking and slashing away at something, trying to figure it out and kind of making an ass out of myself.

Like all tarot cards, even the Courts are more of a guideline than anything else. We are all a mutt-mixture of so many personalities, depending on where we are and what we are doing at any given time.

There are times where the last thing I want to do it put on my Queen of Swords hat and dig in, but I do. And there will be times where you are scared to death to don that Queen of Wands sparkly dress and put yourself right out there–but you will.

The Queen of Wands doesn't think about being confident, she just is.

She is because she just puts one foot in front of the other and decides that she’ll just figure things out as they come.

There is always something to learn, always something to laugh about if she falls flat on her face.

Heck, if there is a wardrobe malfunction with that sparkly dress, that’s a great story to tell.

She can help you find that confidence, wear that crown for a just a bit, when you need to.

Because remember; ALL of the Courts are in all of us, all the time. And if you see yourself as the Queen of Wands, then you know to look out for those feelings of jealousy, or to pay attention when your voice starts getting that annoying demanding tone. It’s all great information to carry with you are we go through this thing called Life.

So thanks, Queen of Wands. Thanks for giving me that hungry spirit that draws things to me, that helps me connect with the coolest people (readers, you are on that list) and makes me comfortable being my crazy, imperfect self. Thanks for helping me realize that’s who I am, and that’s who I need to put forward, and reminding me what my shadow qualities are when that crown gets a bit tilted.

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