Call of the Wild2

The Page of Wands and Your Call of the Wild

You know that feeling when something is calling to you?

When you just get that itchy-twitchy feeling to go, to do, to explore something new, a feeling so strong that you can barely sit still? It’s the best feeling, isn’t it?

That’s the energy of the Page of the tarot court.

The Pages on the cards are often depicted as youthful boys or girls, and often they can indeed represent a young person. Sometimes though, these attendants can very much represent youthful energy in any of us that can be present at any age.

In a real court, a Page was an apprentice. Someone who was learning a skill, perhaps getting their hands dirty for the very first time. I can imagine they were both scared to death but also eager to learn and grow.

The Page of Wands is especially eager and unbridled, as that is the energy of the Wands. I love the way that Wands are depicted as Inspiration in the Muse Tarot deck. With that hair of many colors and her flexibility, I’d say that’s some youthful energy this girl’s got going there. (I see this showing in her pliable mind, but also in the fact that she is physically able to practically do the splits. That’s some youth right there, my friends.) A cloud of many colors is over her head, a plethora of bright and swirly ideas that she can’t wait to put into action. Her hair is literally reaching up to this cloud, and who’s infusing who? Energy begets energy.

When the Page shows up in a reading, it means you have or are just about to start something brand-spankin’ new. Something that is going to require you to hone or learn a new skill, and something that’s going to have some serious energy around it.

I see the Page and even the Knight of Wands as very much going after what I love to name your “Call of the Wild”. This goes back to that original statement of something that makes you itchy and twitchy and rarin’ to go and do. The Call of the Wild is that undeniable urge that is drawing you to not only explore but embark. Kind of like when you wander into a metaphysical store, get a suggested reading on a whim that ends up blowing your mind, and against all odds and previous misgivings you buy a deck of tarot cards and hop aboard the Shirley MacClaine train. (that’s an old-timey woo woo choo choo, I know.)

The Call is truly Wild when you have no clue what is calling to you.

Have you ever felt stirred up and fidgety for seemingly no reason at all? It’s like you don’t see anything on the horizon, but you just know it’s there. Don’t ignore this calling! This is the time to keep your eyes and ears open, paying extra attention to the things going on and around you in your periphery that wants to come in. Things that keep showing up, over and over.



Something that feels unique to me about this Page, vs. the other suits, is that I feel whatever is about to be embarked on is meant to include others in some way, shape, or form.

Wands energy is expressive and inclusive. Many of us Wands folk enjoy the energy of others, and that’s gonna help this Page/your Page energy along and be extra-inspiring. Check out the Page from the Witches Tarot deck. He wants to bring others along with him as he starts on this venture. He’s even got his cat for a little extra magic. (Whenever I see this little dude I can’t help but hear Rita Moreno yelling, “Hey You Guys!!!!!!!” in my head from the old-timey show the Electric Company. Yes, I used to watch that. Yes, I’m old-timey.)

Look to others for inspiration. This could mean actually taking someone else along on your adventure with you as a creative partner, or even spending time around–physically or virtually–a person that is doing what you want to be doing, and that you can learn from. Read their books, listen to their podcast, watch their show, take their course, etc.

All in all, the Page of Wands is very exciting!

And remember, the Page does not know it all. You need to go through that awkward stage of learning and making mistakes before you are ready to get charging as a Knight.

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