Let’s Take a Pregnant Pause with the Empress.

I am the first to admit, I’m the luckiest person ever to be getting ready to settle into my Mama mode as we make our way into the holidays. My kiddos will be home, and the festivities will begin; too much eating and drinking, playing holiday music, forcing them to play board games with me, trimming the tree. We are a family of sentimental fools, so we are all about all of it.

It can’t help but bring to mind the tarot card that is The Empress at this time of year. In many ways she is the symbol of the consummate mother, and often depicted as pregnant in the card itself. (glob knows that’s not happening around here, or there will be some kind of crazy immaculate something going on, yikes.)

I think even if we aren’t into the kid or even family thing, most of us fall into some sort of the feminine Empress mode around now, however we identify. We want to feed, nurture, take care of people. We want others to feel warm and cared for, and we too want to be grounded and connected.

Although many people may feel The Empress energy in the spring, as she is definitely about growth and creation, I totally get a fall-like vibe from her as well. Even though things are dying off to prepare for the long sleep, there is a quiet birth in that process as well. After all, with death always comes life. It may not come bursting out loudly with color and bright sunshine, but it’s gestating, forming, restarting that slow-and- steady-wins-the-race kind of growth.

I can totally see this lady hanging out with the knight of pentacles in a field of wheat somewhere, kicking back and talking about what’s to come as they hang back to get a lay of the land, a glimpse into the future before they are called to move.

A pregnant pause, if you will, which just flashed into my mind as a perfect way to describe this card. (now that kind of immaculate conception I can deal with.) How can you embody that calm and giving spirit of the Empress right now, as we get ready to embark on what is often the most hectic time of year?

How can you mother yourself and others, giving yourself and them a place of respite and connection? As we reflect on being thankful, the ability to have this in our lives on both the giving and receiving ends is indeed something to feel good about–however that looks to you.

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