The Luxury of Giving

Yeah, yeah yeah. We all get those heartfelt messages shoved down our throat about giving this time of year, and of course it’s a good message.

Now who else is gonna raise their hand with me and fully out themselves that they also LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive?? Hell yeah, I’m not going to pretend I’m too good or un-selfish to enjoy myself some prezies.

This is one of the things I love about the Nine of Pentacles tarot card. Look at this queen with her fine self. Does she look like she feels BAD about all of those beautiful coins surrounding her? In her finest gown, hanging out in her luscious garden–I mean, just those planters alone aren’t cheap–she’s even got a fancy-ass bird on her hand.

When this card pops up in a reading, the general idea is that you are in a comfortable place financially (or will feel some relief in that sense) and that it would be a grand idea to treat yourself to something nice. 

So many of us feel so guilty about that! We work so hard to earn what we have, and then we feel a bit badly buying things simply because we like looking at them, we feel good wearing them, or we want to indulge ourselves.

If that money was handed to you because of a windfall, an inheritance, or your family is just rich AF? Guess what, you still earned it. Life is challenging, and when nice things come your way it’s perfectly fine to feel happy about it.

Now of course, like everything in life, there is a flip side. That cute little bird that is hanging out with our beautiful maiden? This card pictured from my Thelema tarot deck doesn’t make it clear, but it’s typically a carrier pigeon. And whereas most birds are free, this bird is not. Even without a visible cage, it’s still there for the sole purpose of running errands for its owner. And this is the shadow side of the Nine of Pentacles; when you become too dependent on your riches, you run the risk of becoming its servant.

The antidote to that? Giving as much as you receive. And of course this doesn’t simply mean in monetary value. Your time, your talents…there are many ways to give.

And isn’t it a gift to be able to do that? Because as much as it’s a cliché, it does feel damn good to give. You do get just as much or more out of doing it.  You are not only doing something nice for someone; you are letting them know they are important and worthy, and quite possibly even making a huge difference in their life. And when you give something back, you are putting that energy out there. When you are generous, generous finds you. 

And! The person that has been on your receiving end remembers how it made them feel, and in turn wants to do that for someone else. And so on, and so on. (and if you are as old as I am, you are thinking of Fabergé Organics shampoo right about now.) THIS is how we change the world, my friends. One nice deed at a time.

So in the meantime, accept that gift. Live that luxury. Know that you are worth all of it. And then experience the luxury of giving. When we have something we can give to someone else, that’s a luxury.

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