Gettin’ Judgy With It (with the help of the Nine of Wands)

As my life gets busy with many things swirling around me, I thought it might be good to talk about discernment.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a shite-ton of cool stuff right now; lots of incredible creative projects and opportunities abound, but it can be a bit overwhelming! It’s a great problem to have, but often I find myself needing to take a deep breath and really getting intentional about how I’m spending my time.

And then I got to thinking about the “hap, happiest time of the year”, which is right around the corner! How it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ with various sentiments and commitments that come along with the business and expectations of the holidays. Guilt and overwhelm start to deck your halls along with the glitter and glow.

So what do we do? There’s a tarot card for that! Honestly, tarot is such a fabulous tool for looking into our daily doings and how we are going to deal with them.

Look at this guy in the Nine of Wands. He seems a bit overwhelmed, doesn’t he?

*He’s standing there, looking suspiciously off to the side as if to say, “Well, what is this new devilry coming my way??” Actually, because he’s looking to the left, he’s looking over all of the things he’s recently been through. And he looks tired.

All you have to do is look at that bandage on his head to know he’s been through a rough time. But he’s also standing tall. He’s lined up all of his accomplishments behind him. He may have a little bit of space left to add something in there, but that look on his face? That’s the look of discernment, my friends.

Discernment. The ability to judge well. To take what you’ve learned from past experiences and make a sound decision as to whether or not you’re going to let whatever it is to continue in your life.

Look, I get it. There are many reasons that we may need to battle through certain things for the sake of being kind, polite, or keeping the peace. Accepting yet another fruit cake from Aunt Marge because it makes her so happy to give you one… she doesn’t have to know that you threw it in the garbage as soon as her car pulled out of the drive. But this is where discernment comes in; is whatever you are doing or going along with adding or taking away from your life?

Chances are fruit cake won’t kill you, even if you actually eat it. But spending time around a toxic relative might; dealing with all of that stress and unhappiness, over time. Giving up all of the time you want to spend doing your own traditions with your own family just to please someone else may not take actual years off of your life, but after so much of it, it may have you looking back and thinking about all of that wasted time that you gave away. Time is one thing you can’t get back, no matter how you try. 

So go ahead, be judgy with yourself. Practice discernment. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, and you’ve earned the right to spend time and energy doing things and being around people that make you feel happy and good. The Nine of Wands can remind us of this at any time of year.

*please know that when I say ‘he’ I’m really directing my message to however you happen to identify.

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