I’m Totally Over Self-Development.

Does this surprise you?

I imagine it does, coming from someone who is a certified life coach and is constantly getting up in your business about how you can improve your life.

Listen, I will always be all about positive change and growth; learning more about the world and about yourself so that you create some Badass MAGIC that is uniquely yours.

It’s no secret that every life coach and self-help guru, every author and speaker…they all say the same things. We all want to help you improve your life so that you can be a happier, more fulfilled person. We all try to teach you how to dig into what really makes you tick and align that with your soul purpose so you can get out there and do satisfying, cool shit for yourself and the world. We just say it in different ways, with different voices, from different angles. You simply choose the one/s that speaks and works the language that you not only understand, but feel, on a deeper level.

But honestly…how many self-help books can you possibly read, or Ted talks can you possibly watch? Do you find yourself just feeling tired instead of inspired??

Maybe it’s time to take a break from Self-Development.

Maybe it's time for Self-Expansion.

If this statement makes you go, “Oooh,” then let us continue. Development is learning, expansion is doing. Development is growing, expansion is bursting forth. Here are some examples of how they can differ in your experience:

  • Teaches you tricks and tools
  • Inspires you to read about and study new ways of thinking
  • Gets you experimenting with this new way of thinking and being
  • Helps you to be open to expansion
  • Encourages you to use unconventional tricks and tools
  • Inspires you to use what you’ve read and studied to take action in your own unique way
  • Gets you moving and shaking and owning your new way of thinking and being
  • Helps to broaden your expansion to reach new levels of growth and alignment

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with self-development; in fact, that’s where we all start. It’s important to begin at the beginning, dipping our toes, opening our minds, and honing our skills.

But as you continue on your unexpected journey, eventually you reach a crossroads. A choice between staying comfortably where you are, treading that tried-and-true familiar path so it will lead you where you want to go; or taking the other road, the one with more unfamiliar dips and turns, and possibly even roadblocks you will need to work hard to get over. But this road will lead you to a magical land beyond what you’ve ever imagined.

So how do I start this Self-Expansion Journey?

I’m so glad you asked! I’m here as your friendly travel guide, and here’s where we will begin to explore Expansion (yes, with a capital E) together:

Through Story:

If you’ve spent any time at all around me or this site, you will have noticed that I’m kind of a Lord of the Rings fan (insert three minutes worth of Billie Eilish “duh” right here). After years of fan-girling over the books and movies and weaving Tolkien’s incredible wisdom into my life-work as well as my clients’, I’ve realized just how magical it is to learn through story. Just as we pay attention to others’ experiences to help us move through our lives, a well-written story that shadows the individual Hero’s Journey that we all take gives us a wonderfully immersive perspective.

Classic stories depict characters whose archetypes represent the different roles that we play, and we can relate either to their overall personalities or how they move through a certain situation. We may not be traipsing through the labyrinth of razor-sharp rocks or the festering, stinking marshlands of Middle-earth, but we are definitely dealing with treacherous landscapes of our own that need to be skillfully maneuvered.

It’s easier to learn from a fictional character than from someone we know, as they tend to be more neutral. A character is more of a blank slate with no personal ties to skew our views, and we get to see deeply into what they think and feel. The real people in our lives tend to want to hide many of those inner emotions.

Even when the author refuses to embrace any allegory attached to their story–ahem, Tolkien–along with character archetypes, the classic themes are story lines that can very easily be related to our own experiences. Our battles of good vs. evil, choosing our Fellowship, and how each of us make a difference with our  individual parts to play are themes we very much deal with every day here on Planet-earth.

Whether you like LOTR or are more of a Star Wars, Harry Potter, or The Lion King fan, you can bet that there is a story that will inspire you to become the Hero of your own epic journey.

I help you do this by archetypal study, so you can hone in and really learn how you tend to see and deal with certain situations, and the overall themes of your life.

Through My Podcast:

In my podcast, I Heart LOTR, I talk in length about the life lessons and wisdom that I’ve absorbed through this incredible story. Even if you aren’t a fantasy genre fan, Tolkien has an incredible way of making the characters so relatable that you forget you are even dealing with a Wizard, an Elf or a Dwarf. This is a great way for you hear what I’ve learned about the story and the characters in a way that relates to us all, and hopefully it inspires you as well.

Through the Tarot:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Tarot cards in of themselves are not magic, the magic is in YOU.

Although the tarot definitely is a portal for spirituality if you desire it to be, I also look at it as an incredible tool for self-expansion.

Especially if you are a visual learner, there is so much to be absorbed by these beautiful pieces of art. And there are so many decks to choose from!

I’m not one of those tarot snobs who believe the cards should only be delved into by a professional. Sure, you are going to get more out of a reading when you are enlisting someone who has studied and worked with them, but the beauty of tarot is that the cards don’t have rules; only guidelines. Each one has a general meaning but how that meaning speaks to you is as unique as you are.

I encourage people get their own decks–or at least look at cards online!– and start exploring with them through writing, meditating and visualizing around what the cards mean to you and how they can tap into your subconscious thought to move you forward.

As of now I do free card pulls with my Tarot BFF Halicue Hannah in our Wednesday “The Queens of Wands” room on Clubhouse. Jump on the audio-only app and follow me if you’d like to get a taste of the tarot! At this time I am doing private readings by request only.

Soon and very soon I will be announcing a new service to my fellow author friends, where we will be using the tarot to help you expand your writing and bring it into a whole new dimension!

Expanding on Expansion: Because each of these magical modalities are so unique and unconventional, they help to stretch your imagination and your mind beyond the same old, same old. You will be doing this by seeing yourself in both a character and a story to get a deeper understanding of who you are. By experiencing a podcast that expands on these principles where you can engage in an auditory way as you walk, work and relax. By exploring with the tarot, helping you learn through visual stimulation, timeless wisdom and play. Each of these things takes you from merely sitting and watching in the audience of life to taking center stage, wielding the command of your own personal experience.

So Stay Tuned!

You may notice that I’ve been a bit quiet here lately, both with blog posts and newsletters…and that’s because I’ve been very busy with a magical new project that I will be able to announce soon!

I’ve been trying to figure out how I will manage both of these worlds, and what my work will be within and around them…Middle-earth on the Prairie is a strange place to be, that’s all I will say for now…

But you can bet that although I may seem to be a bit idle, my ever-ticking brain has been anything but! Stay tuned, for I will be EXPANDING more on my shenanigans and new offers in the near future.

Meanwhile, I hope I will catch you over at Clubhouse in my rooms and listening to my podcast, I Heart LOTR! Is there any part of this post that especially excites you and/or you want to know more about? Let me know!

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