Keeping Sauron Out of Your Bubble


Man, don't you wish we could be like Gimli and just literally blow evil shit away?

This scene is so funny in The Return of the King, where entering the Paths of he Dead he becomes surrounded by spirits and proceeds to blow them away like second hand smoke.

Dropping and re-listening to Episode 5 of my podcast made me want to do a follow-up post for you. In the show I gave you some tidbits about how to deal with the Sauron-like evil in the world that surrounds us at all times, but I felt like I wanted to create an actual list; quick and easy tips as a handy-dandy guide that you can refer to at any time.

Because, here’s the deal: The more you make yourself calm, happy, in a good frame of mind and feeling productive, the more others are inspired by what they see you do. Before you know it, you ARE changing the world…one candle sniff or supportive social media comment at a time.

PS–I may need to check in on this list myself…apparently a (Retrograde?!) spirit hijacked my podcast episode that was not supposed to come out until this Wednesday, and popped it on into an email over the weekend. WTF?? I may need to start sacrificing something to the technology globs to get them to stop messing with me…but in the meantime, sorry about that! 

Back to the PDF list! Here’s where I say: This is a small list, and a general one. It’s just to get you going. In fact, I’d suggest you add your own ideas to it, there is plenty of room! Add them on the back of this sheet as well, or hell, write a whole notebook full of ’em!

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