A Badass August

Hey friends! Happy August!

It’s crazy to me that we are already in the last official month of summer–it goes WAY too fast! I always think of August as the time to take inventory of your life and make sure you have taken advantage of this glorious season to get outside and take some downtime for yourself.

In thinking about that, I thought it would be fun to do my Badass Monthly Tarot Spread for the collective, (that’s you) to help us all get in that spirit and see how we can go out of summer with an intentional BANG.

In this spread, the cards read from the top as #1, then #2 and #3 are to your left. #4 and #5 are to the right, #6 at the bottom, and #7 in the middle! Here we go!


#1. Focus/Theme of the Month: The 8 of Swords. OK, I am so glad I decided to do this spread for you because this is telling me that you are all WAY TOO MUCH IN YOUR HEADS! You have basically surrounded yourself with all kinds of thoughts, and more than likely not of the happy, productive kind. This is a reminder to break out of that this month! Absorb the laid back, chill vibe of the summer my friends, before it’s too late!

#2. What to Put Behind Or Let Go: The 3 of Swords. More Swords! This is the heartbreak card, which is telling me even more than your thoughts need to be cleared and it would be so beneficial for you to take a deep breath, preferably outside, (Mpls folx, when the smoke clears, please) to let go some of that grief that has been brought on by your thinking.

#3. An Opportunity to Gain or Learn from the Previous Month: The 7 of Swords. Good grief, MORE Swords! This card is one of those that can easily be interpreted two different ways; either there is some betrayal going on–more than likely by gossip, lack of communication, or harsh words–or on the ‘lighter’ side, thinking outside of the box. Being in this gaining and learning opportunity spot in the reading, I’d say both of these apply. This is your opportunity to learn how to let go of those thoughts that aren’t doing you any good. Worrying about things before they happen doesn’t do anyone any good, and can quite possibly even bring on what you’re worried about! Thinking negatively about someone or something can do the same. That’s not to say your thoughts aren’t valid, but there is no need to wallow. This is your mind literally betraying you and your well being. It means well, but it doesn’t do well. Your opportunity is to look at those thoughts and see how you can turn things around.

#4. What Wants to Come in This Month: The 8 of Pentacles. Ahhhh, a sigh of relief with the Pentacles, which typically represent your career, material goods, and wealth. They also can bring messages about your health. Eights are progress and change, so shaking yourself out of your funk is just what you need to make room for better things. Keep working hard at whatever craft, task, or job that makes you happy! If you aren’t happy at your workplace, hone your skills so you can jump ship when you feel ready! Keep your eyes open for an opportunity that will take hard work, but will be oh-so-worth it.

#5. Inspiration to Look for This Month: The Knight of Cups. Well now we are getting all emotional, as the Cups are all about relationships and feelings. They can also be about your intuition. The Knight of Cups, however, is all about love and the feel-goods. He is a charming Casanova type, which could be just what the doctor ordered right now! Hey, having someone that thinks you’re all that definitely goes a long way in making you feel better about yourself and inspiring you to do your best. Maybe this Knight is actually a person who will bring you the next job or work opportunity that you will fall in love with? Could happen.

#6. Action Steps: Three of Wands. OK folx, you’ve been gathering information long enough, it’s time to make a plan. This plan is around something that you are super passionate about as you look out on to the horizon. Get your ducks in a row so when it’s time to leap, you’ll be ready!

#7. Who or What Will Help You to Rock Out This Month: The Queen of Pentacles. Oooh, this lady is the one who can do it all. The soccer Mom, the CEO, Volunteer of the Month, but at the same time have it all together on the home-front. Clean house, being present for your kids (human or furry), getting those bills payed, rearranging the furniture. She is very secure, very sure of herself, practical and well-balanced. Do you know anyone like that that you admire? Take some notes from her (or him…or them…Court Cards can be any sex that someone identifies with!). Enlist her to help you with a plan or simply take her out for coffee to pick her brain. Is it a celebrity-type person? Read their book, watch their videos, sign up for their newsletter. When you can learn to balance work/life/love and self, that’s where the magic happens.

I hope you found this fun and useful! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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