Announcing My New Podcast!!

I Heart LOTR...

…where I take you to Middle Earth and back again and bring you way more than a lousy tshirt.

Have I mentioned lately that I’m a huge fan-girl of The Lord of the Rings trilogy??

Well, the road of love for this incredible story has indeed gone ever on and on for me, so I’ve decided to podcast about it! Sharing what you love and learn from is so much more fun than keeping it all to yourself.

What the podcast is:

  • a deep dive into both the films and the books.
  • a study of the age-old themes that are wrapped around the story.
  • a in-depth look at the characters and how we can see ourselves in each of them.
  • an opportunity to take in the life lessons that this timeless tale teaches us.
  • aside from the in-depth conversation, a chance to have some fan-girl fun with trivia, games, etc. I mean, we can’t take ourselves too seriously!

What the podcast isn’t:

  • about other works by Tolkien. That’s not to say they won’t get discussed, but the main focus here is the trilogy.
  • an announcement to the world that I claim to know all things Tolkien, and all things Lord of the Rings. FAR FROM IT. I LOVE it when someone educates me on things that I’ve missed! (as long as you aren’t Sauron-like about it, of course.)
  • my claim that how I’m interpreting the themes and lessons are fact, or what the fine Professor intended…what I talk about is simply that; my interpretation. And like I mentioned above, I LOVE to hear your interpretations as well!

I want you to know that this podcast is for everyone, whether you are a fan of LOTR or wondering what all of the fuss is about. Even if you’re one of those people who can’t stand the fantasy genre, the beauty of this story is that what it teaches us transcends any labels or boxes. Each character and what they go through are things that we can relate to, at various times in our lives….sure, we may not be slaying Orcs, but we still have to deal with an asshole once in a while. Or… a lot?

Join My Fellowship!

When and Where:

The virtual tour bus heads for Middle-earth each Wednesday!

Listen here on my website, or through your favorite podcast platforms. Don’t forget to subscribe so it pops up all ready for you, every week!

Speak Friend, and Enter!

I’d love to have you join my I Heart LOTR Facebook group! It’s the perfect place to discuss things from the latest episode, or any other things you want to share about your experience with this epic saga.

I can’t wait to see you there, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and read your reviews! Love The Lord of the Rings and want to be a guest? You’ve never seen The Lord of the Rings and want to share your experience with me? (I do love popping the LOTR cherry…!) Let me know!!

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