Manifesting: The Good and the Ugly (but still good.)

I gotta tell you, the manifesting energy around here has been FIRE lately.

Husband: “I would really like to get a rain barrel.” Days later, goes for a walk, finds one in the alley that someone is throwing away. “We should get a water feature for the deck.” Soon after, finds one in the alley in back of the local Zen Center (perfect, don’tcha think?!) .

Me: “Man, would I love one of those cool egg chairs like my sister-in-law has for our porch, but they are so damn expensive!” Literally minutes later, text pops up from SIL, asking if we want their egg chair. ! “I really love Lord of the Rings so much, I’m going to start incorporating it more into my business and start a podcast.” A week later, I get an email from my agent about a possible writing project around LOTR. Whoa.

Yes, we are lucky–I do believe there is an amount of being in the right place at the right time with this kind of stuff. But I also believe that when you put the energy out there about something, things start happening.

Here’s the thing tho: You have to do the work. This is visualizing, walking around with the attitude that it’s happening, and taking action to help bring it to you.

My hubby goes on walks through the alleys all the time, looking for other people’s junk that he can make into treasure. That’s his action that brings these things to him. He also talks about stuff he’s looking for, so if someone has seen something it gives them the chance to tell him.

I mentioned a long time ago to my SIL how much I loved that chair, and how I would love one. So when the time came for her to be done with it, she thought of us.

The other part is wanting something but also being willing to either let it come in the form it wants to come–which may be different than you were thinking–or letting it go altogether and making due with something else.

You see, that’s ok too. It’s all part of manifesting. Because I truly believe that even when things don’t happen the way we want them to, or we don’t get exactly what we were dreaming about, it only gives us the opportunity to learn from the situation and think outside the box so that what we DO bring to us is still what we needed…in fact it may end up being even more in line with who we are at that moment.

As I always say, things don’t happen for a reason, but for an opportunity.

Now here’s the thing–manifesting is powerful and doesn’t only bring things we want…it can easily bring things we need, which may be things that we DON’T want.

Simone Biles is the perfect example of this.

Here’s where I say I don’t know the incredible Ms. Biles and certainly don’t pretend to know what’s in her mind…but I’ve seen this sort of thing in others before.

As much as I’m NOT in the Olympic spirit this year (that’s a whole ‘nother rant for a whole different post), it’s pretty much tradition that our family watch some of the coverage together in the evenings. I’m sure even the multi-medal GOAT herself would say she’s been off her game, and I could just see it in her face and eyes that she didn’t seem 100% her spunky self, like she wasn’t all there. Her scores have been reflecting that.

Then I see an interview where she talks about how, now that’s she’s older, she has more fear. Fear of hurting herself with the difficult moves she does. How she wasn’t originally going to compete, but went with the idea to represent the ‘older’ group of women who were victims of abuse from their former team doctor…as a way to be that safe presence for the younger girls that look up to her. (I do love that Badass woman.)

Then she does get hurt. It’s up in the air now (no pun intended!) whether she will continue even in her individual events.

I truly believe that Simone manifested this unfortunate turn of events. By putting it out there–out loud– that she was scared and had her doubts, by not going there with that same spark to win with the same intention that she’s had before. Of course she didn’t WANT any of this to happen, and WANTS to win; and from what I’ve seen with others, I’m sure she would fight the idea that she had anything to do with the turn of events.

But here’s the thing…even though it’s so sad and unfortunate, her getting hurt and pulling out of the team and possibly the Olympics, was probably what she wanted deep in her heart in the first place. I have the feeling she is done. And that’s ok! She’s done so much, and it’s the pressure of what everyone expects of her that probably kept driving her forward.

It’s so easy to take on other people’s excitement and do things that will make them happy verses disappointing them by following our own hearts. So much so that we often don’t even see what’s in our hearts.

All this is to explain why it’s so important to get super clear about what you are manifesting, and what you really want. And that it’s YOU you are working on, not anyone else. Even if they are a bit disappointed, if they truly love you, they will support whatever decision you need to make.

Manifest YOUR Badassery. (And of course this is much more important with a life choice than a rain barrel or an egg chair. Although that chair is pretty Badass, in a boho kind of way…)

Manifesting is real, and it’s powerful stuff. By the way, does anyone have a donut I can borrow?

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