Queen of Wands

Stalk. Water. Bloom.

So this post is a bit of a repeat of two different things I’ve talked about recently; my new partnership with my new friend Halicue, and answering the Call of the Wild in a big way.

First off, I can’t say this enough: If you see someone you want to connect with,


*Now. I mean this in the most consensual of ways. I certainly do NOT condone relentlessly getting up in someone’s face in a creepy sexual or desperate way when it’s clearly not wanted.

But how many times have you thought someone was really cool, or interesting, or doing just what you want to be doing, or/and all of the above, and you just sit back in your wallflower corner keeping these thoughts to yourself?

It literally makes me sad to think about that for you, because you are losing out on amazing opportunities. And flowers are not meant to be in a shady corner.

We never know what will come out stepping out and connecting, but I sure as shit know NOTHING will be happening if you don’t make your move.

Ivy League meets School of Rock!

Halicue and I ‘met’ through a mutual class we took online. Out of the hundreds of others that are in that community, somehow we noticed each other and what we were individually doing.

Even though our specific offerings and the way we present ourselves is so different, we are both very much on the same page with our philosophies and Badassery.

All it took was a comment from one to the other about a love of something we mutually shared–LOTR, of course!– and BAM! Instant connection led to conversation, and conversation led to creatively brainstorming together.

Now we are the Queens of Wands, coming at you LIVE to talk tarot and everyday magic on Instagram every Friday, and will soon be helping others recognize and answer their Call of the Wild in a Clubhouse room, starting next week. (if you’re on Clubhouse, make sure and follow us so you get ‘pinged’ when our room is open!)

Through this I’ve also realized that I myself feel very passionate about helping women hear that Wild Call. So much so, that I will be focusing on that a lot more in my business–so stay tuned for that!


So! My thought for you today is to Be Like a Flower:

–*Stalk the people that you feel drawn to, and strike up a conversation.

–Water that relationship by opening up. Share your ideas, listen to theirs. When you start talking about your dreams out loud to someone else, they help you hone in how they can take shape, and how to move forward. Water your friend/partner as well. Share your support and ideas to help them grow.

–Bloom. Bloom and grow. See what you become. Even if this relationship ends up differently than you expected, or even hoped, there is always something to be gained from the experience. All of these ingredients come together to form something new, and it’s all part of your grand garden plan.

I just realized how often the Queen of Wands is shown with a sunflower, and that’s very much the message behind that card. Be a sunflower; shine your light on others, get out there and be big, be seen! Let me know if I can help you channel a bit of this Queen–she’s pretty Badass.

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