13 Reasons Why Tarot

I realize I’m probably the only person my age that watched and enjoyed the teen show on Netflix that graced us with four seasons of its angsty and controversial self. I’m sure I’m being inappropriate by naming this blog with a spin on its title, as the show’s topic is all around the not-so cheery subject of suicide.

But hey! I’m nothing if not irreverent and always pushing the envelope, and also I can never resist a catchy title, so, there it is.

Ok, so probably more like Tiffany verses Taylor, but you get the idea.


And please know that I do not liken the tarot to ending your life! Far from it! The tarot GIVES you life, and I’m going to give you 13 reasons why, right now. (well, in another paragraph or so.)

As I’ve said before, my goal with the tarot is to bring it into the forefront of people’s minds as an everyday self-development tool. I want to help ease it out of its bad rap; that it’s either a tool of the devil or only for people who wear crystals in their bras.

There are countless reasons why you need to get some tarot in your life, but here are 13:

  1. A Daily Focus: Even picking one card and thinking about how its meaning can show up gives you something to think about or work on for the day. Maybe it’s a way of thinking that you want to keep in the forefront, a habit that you want to try to lessen or break, or a theme that gives your day more purpose. It kind of takes the craziness of the day and gives it a little bit of focused zen. Ahh.
  2. Focused Zen: Tarot cards are wonderful as a form of daily meditation to start your day. Picking a card or cards and then spending time with their meanings turns off the outside world for a bit and brings you back to yourself. Setting a card up to look at and (not?) think about is also a great tool to use in your actual, sit down mind chill time.
  3. A Journal or Writing Prompt: I’m a huge proponent of writing out your feelings, dreams, anxieties, what-not. Whether it’s in “Dear Diary” form, or just a random steam of subconscious scribble, the act of writing helps bring up and out so many things in so many good ways. Tarot cards make great prompts to start that writing.
  4. A Validation: So many people think that tarot cards predict the future; I suppose maybe a reading can be highly predictive, but it’s more around how things may play out because of what the cards mean to you. For me, often the cards end up being a validation of what is (or isn’t!) already going on in my head or in my life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nodded in agreement at my cards. “Yup, I’m ignoring that again. Damn.”
  5. Learn About Yourself: As mentioned above, when that card brings up something that you’ve been denying knowledge about, you start realizing that you can’t fool yourself after all. It’s important to look at our warts and all, because there is a reason for those warts. They are the internal opportunities. Tarot can also make you realize just how incredibly amazing you are. How you CAN trust your judgement, your inner voice, your true feelings.
  6. Learn About Others: It’s funny how I’ll be wondering about someone and Poof! A Court Card comes up that is TOTALLY them. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your boss is an asshole but you might be the only one who sees it, tarot could be right on board with that. Or tarot could tell you, “yeah, he comes across that way, but actually it’s because he’s hurting big-time inside…” and then you can feel really shitty about yourself for thinking those thoughts. But hey! Then you can reach out in a kind way and all of a sudden, your boss isn’t acting like such an ass. Thanks, Tarot.
  7. Explore Your True Feelings: Each tarot card has a general, surface meaning, but each card also speaks differently to you depending on who you are, and what you are willing to hear at that moment. The same card can mean different things depending where it is in the spread, and what day it’s showing up. This is because the tarot responds to you, and who you are. There are many times where it’s pretty plain what the tarot is saying and we’re like, “Um, can we deal those again?” Sorry girl, you know that’s what you were really thinking, feeling, or were afraid to think or feel. WE know deep inside, therefore, the tarot knows.
  8. Explore Your Personal Truth: This goes along with your true feelings above, but in a more general way. As you spend more time with the cards you start to realize how you always think one way about a card, or a certain card always pops up for you, over and over. You start to notice how you really are the Queen of Wands, a passionate, fiery person who loves to connect with others and is a social butterfly, or how you really do tend to miss things that are right in front of you, like the Four of Cups.
  9. Connect with Nature and the Elements: It’s weird, but true: when I started practicing the tarot, I really did start having more patience with the cold-ass winter here in Minnesota. I started to find its beauty and recognize and accept its important purpose. I’ve started to see the world and all of the things in it more as a whole, than separate of myself. I’ve been spending more time getting to know Mother Nature, and she’s a pretty cool mom.
  10. Get Intentional. When you start learning from the tarot, often the cards will validate or bring into consciousness something that stirs up the desire to take action, in a focused way. It’s so damn helpful when all you want to do is sit around and eat a donut!
  11. Rediscover Who You REALLY Are: This kind of goes along with your personal truth, but prods you one step further. Oh, you *think* you are the Queen of Wands, but maybe as time goes by and you get to know yourself better, you are starting to be actually be annoyed by all of the people. The more cards you get to know, the more you start to see yourself changing and connecting with different ones, different ways of being or thinking. This is especially helpful when you are going through a big transition and aren’t sure if what you’re thinking is coming from your old self, or your new butterly self.
  12. Feel More Connected with Your Life Journey: It’s so easy to get bogged down by the everyday minutiae, so stuck in the moment of where you are at any given time. Working with the tarot helps you look at the bigger picture, and how your experiences of thoughts and actions really effect that. It has a way of removing you from yourself a bit, which I don’t know about you, I find a relief sometimes! I mean, I’m a lot!
  13. Experience the Magic: Who doesn’t love magic? Who doesn’t just want to check out of reality and run away to Hogwarts once in a fucking while?? There are so many different tarot decks out there, and each one has its own unique beauty. The artwork, the colors, the symbols…just taking a break from the everyday and playing around with some tarot cards is some serious healing magic. Taking in the art, the beauty, the timeless meanings that have been our story since the dawn of time. It’s pretty damn cool.


So there you are, 13 Reasons Why you need tarot in your life! I would love to do readings with you, but I’d also love for you to have your own deck to explore and play around with! You don’t need to be an expert and know everything to start digging in.

If this is feeling like your Call of the Wild, what are you waiting for? Let me know how I can help!

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