Experience it. In Your Own Damn Way.

I had the weirdest thing happen on Tuesday….

I was working away on my computer and out of the clear blue sky, around 2:30 or so, I suddenly felt the need to go up to my altar and hold some space for George Floyd, his family, and everyone involved in the trial, to receive and deliver justice. I lit some Palo Santo and threw a black tourmaline rock up there to set the mood of cleansing the shit right out, and set up a Justice tarot card to look at. I wasn’t there long, but it felt good to do SOMETHING with the antsy energy I was feeling.

Then, about an hour later, they announced that the verdict had been reached. !!!!

Now I’ll be the first to say that I did not have anything to do with that verdict in any way shape or form, but I find it so interesting that I suddenly felt that urge at what may have been right around the time the jury was handing its results over to the judge. Coincidence? More than likely. But it’s still cool to wonder about.

Here’s me saying that I hesitate to admit any of this to you guys; that I have an altar, that I have certain crystals or stones that I put around me depending on what I’m feeling or what I want to feel for myself, or for others. This is that pragmatic part of me that still rolls her eyes at this shit–and if I’m thinking I’m kind of weird, I know others certainly are!

But I’m trying to practice what I preach to others: I’m gonna do Me, and since what I do is done with good intent, I’m not going to feel that’s somehow it’s wrong.

We all feel so out of control over what happens around us…because guess what, we ARE. And whatever we can do to feel like we are somehow able to connect to what we want to feel is important.

Some would call what I do is a form of prayer, and I suppose it is. I just don’t send it up to a dude in the sky, but all around to people, places and things that I feel could use some loving attention.

Whatever form of intention you want to share, go for it. It certainly can’t hurt. And it’s important to feel involved. I say involved verses having any kind of control, because we can’t have that.

We will never have control, and the quicker we can come to terms with that, the easier life will be on us.

We need to flow along with it, the good shit and the bad, and do whatever we can possibly do to make ourselves feel as peaceful and intentional as we can throughout our experiences.

We need to experience. In our own ways. Without apology.

So this week, Experience.

Feel the wonderful energy knowing that a huge group of us finally feel they have been seen and heard; more than likely for the first time in their lives.

That there CAN be accountability.

That this is a small step, and that there will be never-ending work to do to keep it going.

That there will still be people out there that will never understand why that’s important, why it’s something that should have been something all along.

That we can keep loving, praying, sending out energy, holding our talismans, crying, singing, dancing, whatever-the-hell-we-do, and holding out our hands, creating a safe space for us and for others to feel what we feel.

What is your practice when you feel like you just need to experience something?

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