Rockin’ Your Bra

Is that a crystal in your bra or are you happy to see me?

My husband gets such a kick out of social media mentions of women putting crystals in their bra.

This isn’t something I practice–personally I think it would drive me crazy, and one would definitely need to be mindful of using polished stones verses points!! Ouch!–but as I get more and more into my crystals and stones, and other things that I like having around me, I get it.

Hey, he knows a woman who stores candy in her bra to give out to children…who knew that my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder was practical in ways of carrying other objects as well??

Whether you’re carrying a stone in your underthings or a rabbit’s foot in your purse, I do believe there is something to be said about the power of talismans.

Like my personal belief with both tarot cards and crystals, objects like these carry magic and power because you believe them to be so. When you give something personal meaning, and it helps to spark your energy in a desired way, then it’s powerful and magical indeed.

My menagerie of crystals and stones that are supposed to be good for writers.

I think it is so important to use and surround yourself with things that put you in a desirable state of mind, whether that be focused, calm, energized, relaxed…you name it. (literally.)

It’s also a matter of surrounding yourself with colors and decor that makes you feel good. We all choose paint for the rooms of our homes that make us feel cozy and welcome–if indeed that’s the feeling you’re going for. (Maybe you want to paint it Satanic Black to keep people the hell away–you do you.)

We select art work that stirs up feelings we want to feel, to remind us of things we’ve been through, places we’ve been, experiences we want to have. Talismans can also be photographs and various memorabilia from a person or situation that we like to carry and/or have around us.

One of two of my prized possessions; framed Tolkien maps. (complete with window reflections!)

As many of you know, I’ve created jewelry with just that idea in mind! Jewels are definitely talismans for us, whether we realize that or not. Don’t you get in a certain ‘mood’ to wear a specific trinket? It finishes your look for that day, that you want to both feel and project. Magic!

All of this isn’t being frivolous or materialistic–it’s setting the mood, your mood. Taking some control as to how you want to feel at any given moment, bringing you back to the present. And in this out-of-control word we live in, that’s an important thing.

My Patron Saint of Badassery necklace; St. Jude for hope–complete with a citrine crystal and a Tibetan coin charm. All kinds of juju!

I’ve been working on something where I mention having a talisman, and I wanted bring this up just in case you needed to hear that it’s ok to want these things around you.

My keychain has a bevy of talismans; the stamped piece that started the whole ‘Badassery’ brand, a stamped spoon from my beloved sister (she knows I love ships and the ocean!) and a lucky penny from a dear friend.

It doesn’t make you “weird” or “too sentimental”, or whatever negative thing someone may feel the need to think about you. (who says those things are bad, anyway? Certainly not me!) There are plenty of people walking around with cross necklaces out there… and that is definitely a talisman for them. Just sayin’.

What sort of talismans do you keep around you? What have you been drawn to lately? You need to get that into your life. Just sayin’ that, too.

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