Kick It, Divvy It, Rock It: Your Guide to Less Overwhelm

When you’re a Badass, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

OK, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed even if you AREN’T a Badass, but since you are all here, you are all Badasses, so there it is.

Maybe some of us haven’t been quite as busy with things over this past pandemic year, but even when we aren’t leaving the house much, many of our tasks and chores don’t take a break! As the vaccines are getting more and more accessible and we are getting closer and closer to daily freedoms (yes!!!!), it’s a good idea to be prepared for the shit to start piling up again.

Luckily, I have a tool that will help you control your own damn life instead of letting it control you!

For those of you with my Badass Planner, you know of what I speak. It’s a magical time/soul management tool called Kick It, Divvy It, or Rock It. 

Life is made up of daily tasks, that’s just the way it is. Some tasks we don’t mind doing, and we are able to check them off of our list pretty mindlessly. But what about the soul-crushing chores that we truly dread? Even if the feeling isn’t quite that strong, having tasks on your list that throw a wet blanket on your day can stress you the hell out and leave you not as productive over all.

So how does this magic work?

You don’t have to have The Badass Planner to use this tool! It’s super-easy to apply it to your everyday calendar, whether that be one that you write or type in.

Make a list of your to-dos for the day. Are there any of them that give you that “Oh Shit” feeling? You have three options as to how you’re going to deal with those specific tasks:

-Kick It. Basically this means not doing it all. Kicking it right out of your day, your month, your life. Now before you get all defensive and start thinking those ‘have to’ thoughts, hear me out: sometimes your day is actually better and more productive if you don’t do a dreaded task on your list.

Let’s say you have a huge day with lots of various work-things to get done, and you have scheduled a Zoom meeting right in the center of it. Sure, it was your idea, but you didn’t know how your day was going to look when you added it to the calendar. This is when Kicking It to another day could be the best option to give yourself the breathing room and much-needed stress relief.

Maybe you had all the intentions of running this meeting, but as you think about it, it might be a better idea to give it to someone else to do. This my friends, is what it means to–

-Divvy It. This is about giving this task to someone else to do. Trading tasks. Paying a service to do it. There are many ways to divvy! With the aforementioned Zoom meeting, maybe it’s actually better to delegate an up-and-coming to take the reins, so they could have this moment to shine. Win-win for everyone involved!

Well, Shit. It’s really not going to look good to your new client unless you lead this yourself, so your next choice is to–

-Rock It. This is when you really don’t want to deal with the consequences of not doing something, or not doing it yourself. You may as well make this task the least painful it can possibly be! That Zoom meeting? Take a look at the agenda and start whittling it down…maybe you don’t need to have quite as many talking points and you can make the meeting shorter. (I’m sure your colleagues wouldn’t complain.) Maybe you’re dreading the meeting because it feels so dry and not like your real fun-loving self, so you decide to liven it up with some (appropriate!) jokes.

My all-time favorite joke: You go into the bathroom an American, you come out of the bathroom an American…what are you in the bathroom? European. (appropriate for a meeting? maybe not….)

This tool is not just for work tasks, but everyday chores and to-dos…

  • Having an emotional bad day and just can’t face your weekly call with your mother? Kick It until next week, she’ll live!
  • Having a busy-ass day and not enough time to run to the store like you wanted to? Divvy It to your kids, roommate or your S.O.! Trade up a task they don’t want to do in the future if that feels better.
  • Getting a blood-draw and you’re scared to death of the needle? Rock It by taking a friend along, buy yourself a donut as a reward, and/or take some extra time after to hit that boutique or gallery you’ve been wanting to see.

It all comes down to getting really intentional, and really paying attention to how you are feeling about your day. We forget that almost everything we do is actually a choice, we may just not want to deal with the consequences of not doing certain things.

We also forget that sometimes the consequence is the better choice for our overall well-being. And when you are doing things mindfully and making these thoughtful choices, you are feeling more in control of your days and your life over all.

Do you have the planner and are currently using this system now? Share your experiences! If you are new to this idea, I’d love to know how it ends up working for you!

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