How Do You Love You?

It’s time you count the ways.

OK now, be honest. When you first look at yourself in the mirror each day, what thoughts run through your mind about yourself? Here, let me help you remember:

“(sigh.) I look like shit.”

“God, I look old.”

“I need to lose some weight.”

To name a few. Or how about the things you then say to yourself throughout the day?

“I can’t do anything right.”

“This is never going to happen for me.”

“Why do I screw up everything I do?”

Now. I want you to re-read each of those lines, or whatever else less-than-supportive-and-kind thing you tend to say to yourself on repeat, and picture saying these things to your best friend, about them. Or your child, your partner. Anyone you love.

Because I know you are swell, I know you wouldn’t do that. So why are you saying these things to the love of your life?? That being YOU?

Think about it–the only person we are guaranteed to wake up with every single morning of every single day of our lives, is ourselves.

We are there with ourselves through it all–the joyous times and the sad, the angst, the victories, the defeats and the sharing of the sacred love of a donut. ‘Till death do us part. You can’t get a relationship that’s closer than that, in every way.

If that thought makes you shudder, it’s high-time you do something about that! Who wants to go through life with someone they can’t stand? And the amazing thing is, you have the absolute power to change it. You can only change other people so much (and only if they agree and want to change…) but you! All you have to do is decide that you are going to be kind to yourself today. Give yourself a break. Realize that you are doing the best you can do, and that’s actually a whole helluva lot, and if you’re honest with yourself and find that you really aren’t, you can decide to move your ass.

And the way you see yourself? You can change that perspective, too. Because why do you think you aren’t beautiful? If you are alive, and unique, and kind, and giving, and loving and capable of so many things…how in the world is that not the most lovely thing you’ve ever seen???

When you start being kinder and more accepting and see the wonder that is You, you start carrying yourself that way and all of a sudden, people start seeing it too. And if for some reason they don’t, it doesn’t matter. You’ve got nothing to prove, because when you believe all of these things, it just Is. People will see that or they won’t, and you will only give your time and energy to the glorious and enlightened ones who do.

For this month of February, I’m making Badass Valentines for you guys and posting them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest…however I can reach as many eyes as possible so maybe for just one second, you can all forget about the silly Hallmark standards of Valentine’s Day and start at the fucking source! Start loving on your damn SELF! Who’s with me?

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