Slaycation, All I Ever Wanted…

I don’t know about you, for the first time in a long time, I’m feeling like I can finally breathe. Really breathe–that long, slow healing breath of relief. The world won’t change in a day, there is so much work to be done…but right now, I feel that a big weight has been lifted and I’m relishing those deep breaths.

When was the last time you made breathing a priority? Breathing to rest, yes, but also taking a breather for a refresh and rejuvenation. A vacation goes without saying; this is where you put your feet up for some serious R & R.

But have you ever given yourself a Slaycation?

This is what I call a day that you put on your calendar to reflect where you’ve been, analyze where you’re at, and to dream and scheme about the future. Another step in SLAYING your goals.

Having this pause in your plans invites you to broaden your focus.

It can feel playful, which always brings sparks of joy and creativity to any goal or project. It also gives you a much needed scheduled time-out so you can recharge and come at your challenges–because every good and worthy goal comes with challenges–with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

With plans and goals we set ourselves into a forward trajectory, often without realizing that stopping to take a lay of the land every now and then is actually going to move us forward quicker.

It makes me think of The Chariot card in the Tarot.


This is one of my favorite inspirational cards because with my Sparkly Object Syndrome, I often have such a hard time channeling that go-get-em focus to drive me forward to the finish line before I move on to something else. That kind of focus feels so good–we are so full of clarity and energy when we are in that mode–but there are benefits to taking a breather.

Notice how the horses are trying to pull the chariot off in different directions. There are a couple of ways of looking at this; this could be two siblings enduring a long road trip, trying unsuccessfully to talk Dad into visiting the world’s biggest ball of twine or the tourist trap with the best pepper jelly. “Road trips aren’t meant to be fun! They are to get from point A to point B!”, says Dad. In this case Chariot Dad could be missing out on some cool opportunities to experience because he can’t loosen up and enjoy the ride.

It could also be that these poor horses are damn tired! They are trying to get Dad to pull over so they can go pee already, and get off the reigns so they can recharge a bit. In this case, If Chariot driver pushes them on and on, pretty soon they are just going to stop anyway. He will lose all control over them either because they literally stand their ground and will go no further, or they fall to the ground in pure exhaustion–which will then make the trip take way longer than if they had stopped for a short while to regain their strength.

Your journey is much like Chariot Dude. It’s good to drive forward toward your destination, and there are definitely times to channel that intense focus; but you don’t want to miss cool things that may present themselves along the way, speed by and miss things that are not going well, or drive yourself into the ground with overwhelm.

Ladies and Germs, before you get to this state, I suggest you schedule yourself a Slaycation Retreat.

So what exactly do you do on one?

  • Grab a Whiteboard, or get some new notebooks and colored pens or markers. (oooh.) Make columns or lists about your goals; what’s working, what’s not working, pros and cons; organize the shit out of it.
  • Spend some time doing some free-writing around your goals and plans. There doesn’t have to be a certain subject or endgame; just write and see what comes up. Write a poem. Write a short story about your dream life. Maybe things will pop up that you hadn’t even thought about in your conscious mind!
  • Do a visualization/mind chill around your plans and goals.
  • Create a Vision Board. This could be an actual get-out-a-magazine-and-cut-out-pictures thing, or a Pinterest board you create online. You could do this around the ultimate life you want to be living, your specific goals and plans, your Word of the year.
  • Re-look at what you’ve been doing with your Word in mind. Has that feeling state been present in your current work? If not, how can you make it so?
  • How are you living your Word in other areas of your life, not just your specific plans and goals? Are you carrying yourself like that Word you want to feel? Maybe your Slay-cation includes some shopping time buying a few new items (at Bergdorf’s, Target, or the Good Will) that reflect that feeling state you want to manifest and project?
  • Book a ‘Talk it to Death’ assessment/brainstorming session with a friend, colleague or professional; two heads are often better than one and others help you see things that you may be missing.
  • Buy a book that has you doing certain exercises to gain clarity. The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte is a good one.

The sky’s the limit! The idea is to take a break from the daily grind to reflect, analyze and dream to make sure everything is staying aligned with your original purpose. Plus, it’s fun and relaxing for the mind. Win-win! I recommend at least two of these a year, but you could even do them once a month! There are no rules, whatever seems to work for you.

I’d love to hear if you do one, and how it went for you! Don’t forget that this is something I offer in my consult sessions, so if you’re interested, I got you.

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