This. Is. America.

I am not a political person. I do everything I can to avoid politics. And I certainly don’t like writing about anything political here in my blog, bringing it into my business.

But ever since a certain He Who Shall Not Be Named came into power, it’s been hard to ignore. And my business being the core of who I am, about some things I can not be silent.

For better or for worse (it’s good to be ‘woke’, but it’s painful), he and his following have made me realize just how evil, full of hate, entitled, power-hungry and hypocritical people can be.

In this morning after the chaos that unfolded yesterday at the capitol, I reflect on what I heard so many saying: “This is not America.”
But, dear people, it is. This is what it’s become.
And this is what it’s always been. I don’t believe it was necessarily meant to be this, but in a country where minorities have never felt or been treated like they belong, hypocrisy is an everyday occurrence, and where power is consistently held in higher regard than the people,

This. Is. America. (cue Childish Gambino.)

Can we finally see this? Admit it? Can we finally start the hard work that is required to change it?

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