What’s Your Magic Word?

If you had my Badass Planner back in 2018 (and if you did, thank you!) you know that my January essay was all about “the one word to rule them all”. 

My Word to 2020.

Not only can I never resist the chance to use a Lord of the Rings reference, but your magic word is my substitution for the ever-ubiquitous New Year’s Resolutions.

To put it lightly, I think New Year’s Resolutions suck.

How many of us make these grand plans and goals that we are never able to keep in that new year? Often our ideals are so lofty and so set with specifics that reaching them can cause more stress than they’re worth.

I think New Year’s Resolutions set you up to fail.

Sure, having goals and things you want to do better is great, and I’m all for that. But the problem is, 365 days is kind of a long time. A lot can and will change as this ol’ planet farts her way around the sun. What if that goal you made no longer serves you at some point? Or something in our world changes so drastically (hello, Pandemic?!) that it doesn’t mean shit or even exist anymore? As we now know, this can happen, even in pre-COVID ‘normal’ life.

Then the next thing you know you are thinking that F word—okay yes, that four letter one, but I’m talking about Failure…and calling yourself one. My remedy for this predicament is this:

Instead of thinking what you want to DO, think of what you want to FEEL.

There are many different paths you can take to get to that feeling state that you desire, and none of them are wrong. (well, unless you are a serial killer, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt.) Working on achieving an overall feeling or way of being not only opens up many different possibilities, but as a double-whammy, it also gets your closer to those goals!

Because when you are feeling the way you want to feel, all of the sudden barriers are lifted, confidence is high, and you have the stamina and desire to keep going with whatever it is you want to achieve.

As an example, let’s say I want to thrive in this business of mine next year. I want to connect with more lovely people like you and be able to do what I love every day. Sure, I could have my goals be:

1. have X many people on my mailing list

2. make X amount of money

–but I know that’s not necessarily what it takes for me to thrive. Honestly, I haven’t figured out my word or phrase for 2021 yet, but I know it will more than likely be along the lines of my phrase from 2020: More Trust,  More Flow.

Because if I settle into that, if I trust that doing what I love and working hard at it is enough, you guys will be there. And if I keep doing that, I’ll be able to do it every day.

The actual amount of money I may or may not make over the year doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t do my work. But if I keep remembering to trust and let things flow as they will, I will ease up on any grasping energy that comes with the other more conventional goals and by doing that, I’m more likely to reach them. And I can go at those goals any way I damn well please.

Hells, yeah. Ain’t no resolutions gonna pinhole me.

So! We are almost at this very new year, which I know we are all very anxious to get to. I suggest you take some quiet time to think about that word or phrase that really encapsulates how you want to FEEL, in all areas of your life.

If it’s hard for you, start writing. Free write about the different ideas you have, and why you have them. Spend some time with a dictionary and/or thesaurus, looking up words and saying then out loud until you FEEL it in your bod that it is THE ONE. You’ll know.

And remember, it doesn’t just have to be one word. I broke that rule a long time ago, and typically use more of a phrase. Whatever pops your confetti!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your word or phrase! Comment below, on my website, or in my Badass Planners group so you can declare and claim it to yourself, and the cosmos! That will start that shit in motion!

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