Let’s Be Magi

So if you get my newsletter (what?? you haven’t signed up for it?? Well, get over here so you can stay up on the latest!) then you saw me fan-girl all over the Magi this week. I want to talk more about those guys.

So whether we grew up in the pews of a Christian church or not, I’m willing to bet we are all familiar with the story of Mary; how she gets preggo without having even been up to the devil’s business with Joe and has a baby who turns out to be the king of the world. (why am I now thinking of Leonardo on the Titanic?) And can you imagine that kind of shocking news, all the way around? Just whoa.

And if nothing because of their chart-topping hit, “We Three Kings”, we know all about three royal guys who followed a star and brought amazingly rare gifts to this newborn baby lying in a manger. (that must have been a bit scratchy.)

But it was a LIE.

Ok, not a lie per se, but like a lot of tales, myths, and Hollywood movies, this story got edited along the way to make it all nice and neat for people to talk or sing about.

Turns out the kings weren’t kings at all, but scholars that were considered sorcerers or magicians, (ooh!) and astrologers. (cool!)

They looked to stars for signs of things to come. And many people now think that a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, which just happened in this crazy year of 2020 (or course it did), was the big Christmas Star that they saw and believed that it prophesied the coming of this king.

It’s also believed that they didn’t even get there on the day Jesus was born! In fact, Mary and Joseph and little 1-2 year old Jesus probably lived in a house by the time the Wise Men got there to present those wacky gifts. (Jesus is like, “uh…..thanks?!)

I love history, and I love thinking about those Magi. I would have wanted to be hanging out with them! I always find it so interesting (and ok, annoying) that so much of their practices probably was (and probably still is) by many people over the years, considered to be ‘evil’. But in that time, in that story, they were ‘wise’. huh.

But I digress! This is not a rant, but a rave. I want to be just like those Magi, don’t you? I want to be on the lookout for my magical ‘star’, so I know just the right path to follow. I want to study and learn how to be open and ready for that star, that sign, that I’m going in the right direction.

And I want to celebrate that purpose with my gifts! Gifts that were given to me by…who knows? A deity? Some universal magical force? My ancestry? An herb-infused cocktail of it all?

Those gifts that we have are things that are a combination of the innate talents that we’re born with, and things we’ve learned and mastered along the way. What are the gifts that you’ve been given? That you’ve been honing and creating, turning into gold, frankincense and myhrr?

And how can you share those gifts with others? If there are things you’re good at and that you love to do, they were meant to be shared. As a Magi, you are responsible for making the world a better place with all of the wonderful things that you do.

And those gifts don’t have to be grand. If you feel a creative urge, follow it. Even if it’s never something you sell or even share with others, you are filling that void within yourself which makes you more whole–and that does effect the people around you. You can be an inspiration to others by doing what you love, as well.

Your gift could be that you’re really good with numbers and technology and can help more simple-minded folk like me do my taxes, or coding for my website. (thanks, hubby!!)

Your gift could be as simple as a smile. Maybe you are a generally positive person who has a way to lift people’s spirits. What a gift that is!

And when you are following your magical star, it feels right. It isn’t a burden to give away those gifts. It feels like the most natural thing in the world.

To celebrate these Magi, and all that they stand for, I’ve decided to give away readings for every single one of the 12 days of Christmas. (which is actually all about celebrating the Magi, did you know that? And that it isn’t the 12 days BEFORE, but AFTER? Mind blown.)

Head over to my Instagram account where, starting Christmas day, I will be posting this contest. I will randomly pick one lucky winner from each day to magically receive a 3 card past-present-future reading in your Inbox–complete with a photo and a detailed description!

I believe everyone should experience how fun and USEFUL a tarot reading can be–not just some weirdly magical woo woo thing that the average person can not connect to. I’m going to share that gift I’ve learned with you! See you there! 




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