2020: Middle Fingers Akimbo

It’s mid-December already!

I’m pretty sure you are feeling like I am, and more than ready to bid a “Yipee Ki Yay, Mother Fucker!” to 2020 as you go out, giving it the one-finger salute. (oh hell, make it two…one finger on each hand. It’s definitely deserved the double digits.)

But before we go out with middle fingers akimbo, I think that, even in a year we’d rather forget, it’s always a good idea to spend some time reflecting on what we’ve been through and what we’ve done. 365 days is a long time, and it was not all for naught. Today’s post is all about reflecting on the Shit that was 2020. Before you wonder how you are supposed to be inspired by wallowing through the shit, stay with me…

Yes, 2020 was full of shit.

More shit than a year has a right to have, all crammed into those 365 days. Our country continued to be run by idiots who cared only for power and the all-mighty dollar, and how THEY can attain more than they need.

And in this climate that promoted violence, unrest, bigotry, intolerance, entitlement and in general not-giving-a-shit about the welfare of its people, we were also ravaged by a never-before-seen pandemic that blew in with the March winds and is still storming as I type. All of this has created such a divide as we’ve never seen before; both because of politics and the disconnect that comes along with social distancing.

We’ve had the stress and worry of a virus making us sick, killing us, and leaving us with no idea of the long term effects it will leave on us. We’ve had the stress, worry and unimaginable grief of losing loved ones to this virus.

We’ve had the stress, worry and panic of losing our jobs, unsteady unemployment benefits, and in general having less money to live on.

We’ve had the stress of missing our friends and loved ones while also feeling a bit trapped in our ever-claustrophobic bubbles; missing coffee shops, restaurants, boutique shopping and booty calls.

Life’s been damn hard!

It’s tested us all in a way that we’ve never been tested before! And what point am I getting at?

Well, aside from the satisfaction of a good rant, what I really want is for you to realize that everything you’ve done throughout all of this has been enough.

It really has. Probably more than enough. Whether you’ve been working really hard and been extra productive, or making the grand gesture each day just to get out of bed and fake it ’till you make it–you’ve been doing it. You’ve been dealing with it in your way.

I just want to make sure you are taking the time to let all of this sink in.

Sit with it. Grieve it. Let yourself feel all of the pain that you’ve been holding in. Sometimes being strong and Badass is more about giving in to these emotions and letting yourself wallow in them.

A good idea is to take some time to write about what you’re feeling. Set the timer for 10 minutes and just free write all of the toxic shit you’d love to scream from your rooftop. Don’t worry about what you’re saying, no one else will read it. You can even burn it up when you’re done. Even if you think you’ve run out of things to say before the time is up, keep writing. Things may come up that you didn’t even know you were sad or pissed off about.

The more you recognize and sit with your pain now, the more you let it take shape in you as strength, resilience, gratefulness and perspective.

And that helps you set it aside to move forward. If you have lost someone or any aspect of you is severely wounded, more than likely you won’t just let that go. And you don’t have to unless you want to. It’s a part of you now. But once you can let out of some of that stress and grief it gives you more room to fill some of that space with deep breaths, with light, and with hope.

Because hope is out there.

Remember, you can always find hope simply in a brand new day. And I believe we will be able to find it in the new year; a vaccine for the virus and new leaders that have the vision of a united front for all are a couple of great starts. And because you are a Badass, I know you will find many more reasons to be hopeful.

Next week I will throw you a rope to pull you out of the sucky quagmire of 2020 and we’ll start thinking about how to make the most out of 2021! Now that’s something worth yelling YIPEE KI YAY about.

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