Making Your Big Magic

Well of course this is a little more difficult in a pandemic, but I think in general we all feel a little closer to ‘magic’ at holiday time.

Not the Santa-can-somehow-fit-down-the-chimney-without-burning-his-ass kind of magic, although there is definitely that, but everyday magic that still manages to sprinkle its way into our bah humbug hearts.

The spell you put on your family when you create those delicious cookies and treats and how it glitters its way over to your neighbors when you share them. How you conjure up surprises out of nothing and nowhere when your budget is tight, yet you still manage to delight your kids and loved ones with heart-felt gifts. When you share a bit of your magical self as you call to check in on someone, wish them Happy Holidays, or send them a card telling them all about the stuff you DIDN’T do this year.

I’m talking about Creative Magic.

And that’s something we ALL have. (yes, even you.)

Between re-reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s fabulous book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and last week’s Magic Monday reading with the Empress and the King of Wands cards, I really got to thinking about what ‘creating’ is. I can’t tell you how many people look at all of the crazy stuff I’m dreaming up and making all the time and say, “I could never do XYZ, I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” OK, maybe you aren’t planning on BeDazzling your jeans or taking up pottery any time soon, and you’d rather work on an Excel spreadsheet than a piece of sheet music, but that certainly does not mean you aren’t creative!

Along with the holiday magic you do that I mentioned above, you magically create things every single day.

You create your perfect cup of coffee or tea upon waking. You create and plan your schedule for the day. You typically create at least one meal every single day…every day! You think of something new and different to make! (even if you are getting take out, you are creatively thinking of a new place to order from!) You create all day at work, whether it’s Excel spreadsheets, a fine latt√©, a fantastic proposal. You get really creative helping your kid with homework and finagling the whole ‘school from home’ gig, and figuring out what the heck you are going to do being stuck inside another damn day with your kids and your partner!!

The ORIGINAL BeDazzler that dates me. (there is even a shag carpet in the background.)

I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift. Being creative is making things your own way. You do it all the time without thinking about it! And when you put in some extra effort? Now that’s Big Magic. And when you create Big Magic, it comes right back to you. Your perfectly made cup of coffee was just what you needed to jumpstart your morning. You’ve gotten intentional with those tasks and planned your day so you are more relaxed and the time is more enjoyable. (or at least more doable.) You actually managed to make your kid smile with a well-timed Dad joke, and you came up with a new game to play!

And let’s not forget the magic that is made when you get creative artistically.

And I promise you, ANYONE can do this as well. Of course you know how I love it when Elizabeth Gilbert mentions that even drawing a penis on a wall is getting artistic. Don’t think in order to call yourself creative, everything you make has to be GOOD, or even finished! Often the best part of creating is just doing it–using your brain in a new way and HAVING FUN. (remember that?!) If you think it sounds fun, rummage through your kids coloring supplies and don’t even stay in the lines. Paint. Try a new recipe. Buy some beading supplies and make a bracelet. Don’t know where to start? Get on You Tube and watch a video! If there is something you want to try, there is a video about it. (Yup, those videos too. Just make sure your kids aren’t over your shoulder when you’re looking for that kind of creative inspiration.)

The point is, Big Magic is not only all around you, but IN you as well.

You make it every day, in so many ways. When you think of all the tasks you do as something you are actually creating, it kind of gives them more meaning, doesn’t it? Suddenly those chores have a larger and more important place in the bigger picture, and just knowing that YOU are creating them makes you feel more in control of things.

Imaginative, productive, resourceful, expressive and original. If you are any of these things–which of course we all are, just being our own weird human selves–you are creative. So there it is.

How will you be creative this week? I’d love to hear!!!

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