Keep Banging Your Gardooka.


I almost completely forgot to write this blog post for you, dear readers, because my week has been taken over by the fact that my dear hubby got the dreaded ‘Rona.

Now I could write this entire post about how angry I am with him for putting himself in the position he did where he KNEW it wasn’t a safe situation, but…nah. No one wants to listen to a nagging wife and besides, hindsight is 20/20. Oh is it ever 2020!

No, while he’s spending his quarantine in a motel (luckily, he came down with the milder version) I’ll just tell you how very different our holiday season has been this year…but then again, who’s hasn’t?

Thanksgiving without him as he’s been out of town, no holiday couple get-togethers, no brewery holiday polka night, no stuffy and crowded mall shopping days that I just love to complain about but secretly love anyway. (I can’t be the only one who loves the holiday hustle-bustle, am I?) No Christmas day to look forward to as we get together with family and show everyone just how gross we are playing Cards Against Humanity and swapping inappropriate White Elephant gifts.

It makes everything feel kind of like any other time of the year–not that special, cozy, twinkling time.

But here’s the thing.

Despite it all, I’ve been feeling extra grateful lately and actually more into the spirit of what the holidays are supposed to be about. Go figure.

I’m still decking the halls. Hell, I decked them a bit early and may have bought a few extra lights this year. I may not be able to shop at the mall but my house can look like one.

I’m still shopping. Just ask Amazon or my crafty and talented Etsy/small business friends.

I’m still cooking and baking, even if it’s just for us.  Just ask my Pillsbury doughboy belly.

Even more so than before, I’m looking forward to brightening up others’ holidays by bringing goodies to the neighbors and maybe even sending out some actual CARDS instead of emails this year. (the jury’s still out on that one, though.)

When a pandemic is raging at its peak, it’s hard to say that it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But when it’s hard to find happiness you find yourself going the extra mile to make yourself, and others, feel good. You go out of your way more to reach out to people to see how they are doing. You make the call, you write the email, you send the card. You celebrate, albeit maybe a little maniacally, but being a bit extra is better than not being at all.

Just like Thanksgiving, you just keep making this holiday season anything you damn well want to this year.  No one will dare call the holiday police on you–either for doing it up too much, or not doing a damn thing. 

Let’s just all agree to maybe watch The Grinch with a little more understanding that, if we are still healthy, getting by, finding some peaceful moments of solace and thankfulness, feeling a bit more connected despite the general disconnect…hell, even if we are ‘simply’ alive and kicking!… that perhaps, Christmas (or whatever holiday or not-holiday you are celebrating) means a little bit more.


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