I’ve Totally Rolled My Own. Eyes, That Is.

To celebrate the year mark that we purchased the glorious house we now call home, in our most coveted neighborhood we wanted to be in, I thought I’d share the crazy-ass magic that I truly believed helped that dream become a reality.

First off, if you read the word ‘manifest’, hear me talk about crystals and tarot cards and shit like that and are over there rolling your eyes, I get that.

I’ve spent most of my life rolling my own. Eyes that is.

And yet…

A little over a year ago I found myself in a neighborhood metaphysical store on my way home from the hair salon. When offered a 15 minute card and palm reading I thought, WTH? This could be fun.

That whole story is for another post, but let’s just say that this silly little reading prompted me to get my own tarot deck, incorporate it into my business, and start looking at my beautifully colored rocks that I had as decoration as something more than just trinkets to sparkle, if they weren’t covered with so much dust.

Not long after this experience, we stumbled upon our dream house. Now let me just say this was NOT the time to be thinking about such frivolity; we had just moved less than a year ago saying we wanted to DOWNSIZE, we were coming up on a slow time in the market and it was at the tippy-top of our price range.

Even so, when I fall in love with something I will stop at nothing until it is mine. Or at least a version of it.

In another WTH moment I decided to figure out what crystal was good for manifesting, bought a big one and a small one, and got to work.

Mainly it was just to do something tangible, because the whole process of waiting to see if it was all going to work out was driving me crazy. Did I really think it was going to work?? Nah. But I did it anyway.

I printed up a photo of the house and every day, at least once a day, I took the big crystal and held it on top of the pic, visualizing us living in this house. I took the little one and walked over to the house, (lucky for me it was only 7 blocks away!) stood outside of it, and did more visualizing.

Sometimes I would even set that stupid rock on the gate post for a few seconds, knowing full well that the neighbors must have thought I was some crazy lady! I’m surprised no one called the cops, as I literally stalked that house every frickin’ day.

At night, as I fell asleep, I saw myself waking up in that bedroom, going down to the kitchen to make the coffee, sitting on that amazing porch and drinking it with the Coreman. I saw me taking a shower in the bathroom, eating meals in the dining room…you get the gyst.

In my mind I was already living there.

In real life, things kept popping up that made it seem like it couldn’t happen. There were definitely barriers in our way. But I still did my routine, I still tried to keep any “this is NEVER going to happen!” thoughts out of my nay-saying mind as much as possible.

A few weeks later, out of the clear blue sky, we got a text from friends that we didn’t even know were interested, making an offer on our condo. Suddenly, every obstacle was gone, and we were making an offer on the house.

So here I am, living in my dream house.

Now, I am not going to say that I made a wish on a sparkly rock and the keys appeared in my hand. What I will say is that I do believe all of my visualizing and manifesting work helped everything fall into place. This is real-life magic.

Not only is there science behind this hokey sounding practice, but the work your brain is doing also inspires your consciousness to do some as well; you start noticing things that may make a difference in what you want, you reach out to the right people that may know someone, weird little synchronicities start to happen. You and your brain start to act like it’s already there, so why shouldn’t you have it? It’s crazy! I mean, if Olympic swimmers can do it before winning a gold medal, why can’t you give it a try??

Since all of this came into being, I’ve noticed even my staunch practical Norwegian husband look at my crystals with a little more reverence. This is great for me, because it gives me a good excuse to get more pretties to look at.

Would you try something crazy like this? What if it actually worked???

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