Happy Not Thanksgiving!

Happy Not Thanksgiving!

Man, what a year. OF COURSE this holiday is going to feel like a non-thing, just chock it up to ol’ 2020. (I think the woman above is just wishing it would all go away.)

Honestly, I’m not so keen on Thanksgiving, anyway. These days I’m much more aligned with Native American Heritage Day, and what that stands for. But Thanksgiving does also represent family and thankfulness, which are definitely things to be grateful for. At least on most days.

My podcast partner Angie and I decided to take some time to chat about the more unconventional things we are thankful for which may or may not have included farts, and that latest episode inspired me to make a holiday-specific list for you all right here:

  • we actually now have a GREAT excuse NOT to be with family we don’t actually love being around. (no false cheek-kissing! no political arguments! no back handed comments from icky relatives!)
  • we can be especially thankful for the family we create (the folks who don’t share our DNA but feel like they should) that are keeping us relatively sane through all of this. (see what I did there?)
  • Technology that allows us to BE SOCIALLY DISTANT so we can still feel together with the people we want to feel together with. (Yes, I was yelling. Yes, stay SOCIALLY DISTANT, please.)
  • Technology that we can blame if, gee darn, it’s just “not working” and so you don’t even have to do that with the annoying relatives.
  • SOCIALLY DISTANT gatherings mean we don’t have to clean our house! Woo!
  • new traditions that will arise by necessity that become a beloved part of your holiday routine from here on out. (like maybe making your own choices about who you see, what you cook, whether or not you cook, etc.)

A pandemic does tend to put a damper on joyful feelings, holiday or no, so it’s especially important to take some time to really think about what we DO have, and we have DO have to be thankful for.

Snarkiness aside, there are definitely things like getting to be closer then ever with your bubble people, realizing what is really important in your life, and getting a lot of self-reflective getting-to-know-yourself time, warts and all.

The effects of these things will make a positive impact on your life, which I hope you will continue to bring forward!

So! Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Native American Heritage Day, Happy I Have No Holiday Expectations Day to you all. I am extremely thankful for all of you. Cheers!


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