What’s In Your Pocket?

So this may sound kind of weird, but I’m staring to believe more and more that everyone should have a tarot card (or even better, a full deck) in their back pocket.

Ok, maybe not literally…but I have to say as I incorporate these powerful little rectangles more and more into my own life as well as my clients’, I start to realize just how damn useful they really are.

Many people don’t know much about the ancient art of tarot readings, and they don’t understand what it’s all about. They tend to think of tarot cards as:

  • weird
  • complicated
  • of little use unless they’re at a party or the Renaissance Faire
  • having some crazy unknown powers
  • the gateway into getting a pentagram tattooed on their forehead and worshipping the devil

I get that, because I’ve been the biggest tarot skeptic there is! Oh my goodness–if you knew how much the pragmatic part of my mind all-out fought the woo woo part with swords and spears, until I finally threw down my weapons and surrendered with a sigh, allowing this crazy-lovely magic to infiltrate it. My world has opened up in so many ways since I did–but that also doesn’t mean I still don’t roll my eyes a lot. And I don’t plan on stopping that rolling; questioning and wondering is powerful stuff, and I always take a very realistic, down to earth view with the tarot.

Simply put, tarot cards are drawings and images that stir up emotions and inner thoughts (your subconscious, basically) that are either right on the surface or buried deep within you. Each card does have a basic meaning assigned to it, but how it ‘speaks’ to you is very individual. Their meanings are very fluid and can shift depending on where they are in the spread (the way the cards are laid out, not as in a sandwich spread!) , if they are upright or upside down, and even change depending on what you are looking to find and where your mood is that day.

Personally, I don’t think that the cards themselves have any sort of magical power; the magic lives inside you, and the tarot helps you discover and manifest it. Cool, eh?

Nakie tarot people.

I’m here to tell you that the tarot is something that is so useful in your everyday life! I mean, why wouldn’t you want that magic in your life every damn day??? It’s like having your own personal little group of life coaches that you don’t have to pay (well, after the initial money you shelled out for the deck), who are often all dressed up in fancy clothes or even naked. *gasp!!*

Okay yes, as a tarot reader (who also happens to be a life coach!) I will say that having someone do readings for you is the easiest way to get some good insight into yourself, as we have done some serious studying of the cards and do tend to be a little more removed and unbiased by what we are seeing. (I love having a reading by someone else!) But that’s not to say you can’t have your own deck as your own handy toolkit to help you start delving into the Moria of your mind. (sorry, Lord of the Rings reference there.)

So what say you? Would you own a tarot deck? Did this open up your mind as to what the tarot is? I’d love to hear your thoughts and of course I’m always open to questions! Bring it on!


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